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  • 550 watts RMS
  • Bluetooth
  • TV Sound Sync
  • Multi Juke Box
  • Voice Canceller & Key Changer
  • LED Speaker Lighting
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Keep the Beat Pumping

The LG XBOOM RK7 speaker is a sonic powerhouse producing clear vocals from dual tweeters and deep bass from dual woofers.
Keep the Beat Pumping<br>1

Versatile Design

The RK7’s design allows both horizontal and vertical placement and can detect its orientation and adapt the sound field appropriately.
Versatile Design<br>1

Wireless Party Link

The LG XBOOM RK7 maximizes the fun and sound, allowing for unlimited units to be wired together, or up to 10 RK7s to be connected wirelessly.
Wireless Party Link<br>1

Stream Higher Resolution Audio

Think of it as “high-definition Bluetooth”: Hear streaming music that’s closer to premium High-Resolution Audio. aptX HD maintains the original sound quality throughout wireless transmission for [quality that’s better than CD], and can even make standard audio sound better.
Stream Higher Resolution Audio<br>1

Light Up Your Party

Get into your party mood with LG XBOOM RK7’s multi-color LED lighting that pulses to the beat of the music.
Light Up Your Party<br>1

Let Your Inner DJ Out

Be the DJ with the LG LOUDR RK7. With the Android smart phone app, you have the controls to DJ at your fingertips. Add sound effects, looping and so much more. It’s time to turn on the party.
Let Your Inner DJ Out<br>1

Karaoke Creator

Get ready to croon along with any tune: This feature suppresses the vocal frequencies of a song, making any track ready to play behind a new lead singer! It can even change the key of the song to better suit the voice of the singer. (Microphone not included.)
Karaoke Creator<br>1

Vocal Filters

The karaoke feature includes built-in sound-enhancing voice filters to make any singer sound even more like a star. They can even change voices completely for added fun.
Vocal Filters<br>1

TV Sound Sync

The RK7 supports a Bluetooth wireless audio connection to add bigger sound to the television. It’s quick and easy to set up, even easier to enjoy, requiring only the TV remote to adjust the volume.
TV Sound Sync<br>1

Multi-Bluetooth Pairing

Connect a smartphone, tablet or other compatible Bluetooth-enabled* device to this speaker and play music from any of them. Multipoint can link two wireless devices to the speaker at the same time.
Multi-Bluetooth Pairing<br>1

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