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  • DTS Virtual X
  • 3.1 ch
  • High Resolution Audio
  • AI Sound Pro

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LG Sound Bar SN6Y
The Best Sound for Your Cinematic Experience

DTS Virtual:X
Hear the Difference with Immersive 3D Sound
The LG Sound Bar SN6Y meets DTS Virtual:X to transform your home into a theater, for the most immersive viewing of all your favorite movies.

3.1 ch (Rear Speaker Ready)
Fill the Room with the Ultimate Cinematic Surround Sound
The LG Sound Bar SN6Y supports wireless connectivity for 5.1 ch output so you can always watch TV with the most immersive sound.

High Resolution Audio
Listen to Uncomparable Sound
High Resolution Audio delivers 96kHz sampling rates and 24bit depth, for more accurate sound and a more enjoyable listening experience.

LG ThinQ
Turn Your TV and Sound Bar into Your Control Center
Your Sound Bar can now act as your household manager. Conveniently monitor and control connected LG ThinQ home appliances straight from your living room. Check your the status of your refrigerator, washing machine, air-purifier, and even turn your vacuum cleaner on and off.

AI Sound Pro
Adaptive Audio for Everything You Watch
AI Sound Pro automatically analyzes content to instantly optimize audio settings for what’s playing. Catch every detail with crystal clear dialogue or more punchy powerful action, depending on the genre.
Connect More Conveniently
Add Bluetooth® connectivity to your audio setup, or conveniently connect and play using optical or HDMI cables.

Bring the theater experience to your home theater with the LG Sound Bar SN6Y. Designed with DTS Virtual:X, this soundbar has all the features to provide you with a cinematic audio quality and bring you the most immersive experience when watching your favorite movies or series. It also uses AI Sound Pro that automatically analyzes content, so that it can instantly optimize the sound settings to enhance the audio of whatever’s playing on screen. This way, you’ll get crystal clear dialogue, powerful action sounds, and impressive sound effects without having to manually configure the soundbar’s settings. Finally, it has Bluetooth connectivity and is 3.1 ch rear speaker ready so that you can set it up to suit your preferences.

What puts the LG Sound Bar SN6Y a notch above the rest is the fact that it comes with LG’s ThinQ technology. This feature tuns your soundbar into your smart home control center, allowing you to monitor and control the other connected LG ThinQ home appliances you have from wherever the LG Sound Bar SN6Y is located.

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