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  • Dual Inverter
  • Energy Saving
  • Fast Cooling
  • Low noise
  • Plasmaster Ionizer
  • Gold Fin

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Verified by TUV
LG inverter air conditioners(US-Q242K*) saves up to 70% more energy than LG non-inverter air conditioners(TS-H2465DAO). *Initial Temperature(Outdoor 35℃, Indoor 33℃), Setting Temperature(26℃), Testing Time (8 Hours).

Good Work Goes Unnoticed
Don’t get disturbed and sleep soundly with an air conditioner that makes less noise.
*According to LG internal test, LG DUAL Inverter air conditioner is less than 19dBA. (Model – V10API)

DUAL Inverter Compressor™
Efficient, Faster, Durable, Quieter
Powered by DUAL Inverter Compressor™ Technology.

10-Year Warranty
With a 10-year warranty on the compressor, it will keep performing at its best for longer.

Fast, Powerful Cooling and Heating
Stay comfortable all year long, even in extreme climate, with our DUAL Inverter Compressor.

Safe Plus Pre-Filter™
Traps Big Dust from the Start
Traps big dust particles and removes 99.9%**of bacteria from the start.
*Safe Plus Pre-Filter contains antibacterial properties(Zinc oxide).

Connect and Control from Anywhere

The LG ThinQ™ app allows you to easily connect with your air conditioner in a way you never could before. Start your air conditioner with just the tap of a button.

*Google and Google Home are trademarks of Google LLC. *Amazon, Alexa, Echo and all related logos and motion marks are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc or its affiliates. *LG SmartThinQ is now renamed as LG ThinQ. *Smart features and voice assistant product may vary by country and model. Check with your local retailer or LG for service availability. *Voice-enabled smart speaker device is not include

Environment-Friendly Refrigerant

Prevent environmental pollution with R32 refrigerant’s improved energy efficiency.

Control 4 Levels of Energy Consumption

Control energy consumption with 4 levels based on your needs, whether alone or with family.

Easy Control in Dark

No need to turn on the light to change mode of your air conditioner by applying GYRO sensor in the remote.

Safety Against Voltage Fluctuation

Enjoy a durable air conditioner with an ability to withstand voltage fluctuation*. *LG Internally tested “rated voltage ± 30%” fluctuation and it may vary depending by environment.

Make your home a cool and comfortable sanctuary for the family with the LG Split Type Aircon Premium Inverter with Ioniser 2.0HP HSN-18IPX with Installation Package. This 2 HP LG DUAL Inverter air conditioner has enough power to cool a 28 to 40 sq.m room without giving you a bill shock. With its 70% energy-saving design, there’s no need to worry about turning on the air conditioner on full blast.

Aside from cooler air, this LG aircon also ensures a clean and safe environment with its Safe Plus Pre-Filter™ and Plasmaster Ionizer. Featuring antibacterial properties, the filter eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in the air, while the ionizer sanitizes the air further. All these features ensure a safe and healthy environment for your kids, especially if they have health conditions like asthma or allergies. What’s more, the aircon’s quiet performance provides a conducive atmosphere for a restful sleep.

This LG Split Type Aircon is also part of the LG ThinQ™ ecosystem, which means it can be controlled using the LG ThinQ™ app on your phone. So, go on and turn on the aircon remotely, even before you arrive home. With this aircon, there’s no need to wait for the room to cool down! As for durability, this LG split-type aircon is backed by a 10-year warranty on its DUAL Inverter Compressor™. As such, there’s no need to worry about this aircon breaking down any time soon. In addition, this aircon is designed to withstand voltage fluctuations. In fact, it was internally tested for a rated voltage of ± 30%.

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