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  • Energy Saving with Smart Inverter Control
  • Smart Motion
  • TurboDrum™
  • Punch+3
  • Auto Pre-Wash
  • Side Waterfall

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Energy Saving with Smart Inverter Control
Smart Inverter Technology eliminates wasted operation by efficiently controlling energy use.

Smart Motion
Smart Motion is 3 kinds of motions created by Smart Inverter for optimized washing by fabric type. Enjoy better combination for better care.

TurboDrum™ enables the most powerful wash and removes the toughest dirt through strong water stream of rotating drum and pulsator in the opposite direction.

Punch+3 creates powerful streams of water which mix laundry up and down repeatedly for even washing result.

Auto Pre Wash
With one touch, tough stains are ready to be gone. Let your hands free, let your washing machine do the laundry.

Side Waterfall
Side Waterfall enables the best mixing of detergent with water while minimizing detergent residue that can cause skin irritation and allergy.

Smart Diagnosis™
Smart Diagnosis™ helps diagnose and troubleshoot mechanical issues, limiting costly and inconvenient service visits.

Laundry day shouldn’t take all day! Get an LG Top Load Washing Machine Inverter 7kg T2107VS2W in your home to make laundry easier and more efficient. This energy-saving inverter washing machine not only saves on labor but also on energy. Compared to conventional LG models, inverter types save as much as 36% of electricity. Moreover, the machine features Smart Motion technology to ensure fabrics are handled with optimal care.

Inside this LG top-load washing machine, LG’s TurboDrum™ combined with Punch+3 technology work together to clean your family’s messiest clothes and linens. With a rotating drum and multiple pulsators, dirt is agitated away from your clothes. For really stubborn stains that would normally require hand washing, you can simply press one button: Auto Pre Wash. This takes care of those stains without needing you to lay a hand on the clothes. The other practical features of this washing machine include the Side Waterfall, which thoroughly mixes the detergent with water to ensure there will be no detergent residue that can sometimes cause allergies and rashes. Moreover, its 7-kilo capacity makes this the perfect size for a growing family.

When it comes to durability, this LG top-load washing machine comes with a 10-year warranty on the motor. It’s also equipped with Smart Diagnosis™ which helps troubleshoot your machine. Using your smartphone, you can download the LG app and connect the app to your washing machine using a wireless connection. From there you can perform a self-diagnosis to help determine if there are any issues.

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