Roller Jet Pulsator

The roller rub and scrub clothes with added friction to remove dust and mites, delivering a cleaner more sanitized wash.

Roller Jet Pulsator1

Wind Jet Dry

This LG technology reduces residual moisture so that clothes come out of the machine ready to iron and wear. The spin cycle introduces circulating air into the tub, which removes water, dries out the washing tub, and keeps it free of mold.Wind Jet Dry1

3 Wash Program: Gentle, Normal, Strong

Customize your wash: three wash programs let you choose the right cycle and care for every type for fabric.3 Wash Program: Gentle, Normal, Strong1

Rat Away Technology

LG’s latest range of semi-automatic wash machines are equipped with Rat Away, a 3mm-thick plastic cover containing a rat-repellent chemical that protects your appliance from rodents and enhances durability and performance.
Rat Away Technology1


Many Filipino households often devote the weekends to doing demanding chores like laundry. To reclaim your time and energy, get a dependable washing machine to assist you in this task. The LG Washing Machine Twin Tub 7kg P700R is a practical solution for this issue. This cost-effective top-loading washing machine has a maximum load capacity of 7 kilos, making it a perfect choice for a single or small household in the Philippines. Get this unit from Savers Appliances today. We accept a wide range of online and in-store payment options and offer pick-up and delivery services.

The LG Washing Machine Twin Tub 7kg P700R is designed to offer superb cleaning for medium to heavy laundry loads. It features a clean lint filter that helps remove residue from clothes, but its highlight is perhaps its roller jet pulsator. These rollers add friction while washing clothes, making the model more effective at cleaning dirt, debris, and other residue. To give clothes the care they deserve, this LG washing machine also has 3 settings to choose from depending on the type of fabric that you are working on. Once you’re done washing your clothes, just put the wet items in the dryer compartment to get the excess water out before hanging them. This will shorten the time you need to completely dry your clothes.

On top of its powerful features for washing and drying clothes, the LG P700R is also made for long-term use. In particular, the model has adequate protection against rats that might gnaw at its exterior and damage its appearance and functionality. The 3-millimeter plastic cover surrounding the bottom of the model will ensure that it will look good and function well for a long time.

Count on Savers Appliances to provide you with cost-effective, reliable, and durable appliances from trusted brands like LG. Purchase quality appliances for sale on our online store today. We accept cash on delivery as well as bank and online transfers. If you live near one of our outlets, you can opt to drop by to pick up your purchase, or you can also arrange to have your item delivered. Shop with Savers today!

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Weight22 kg
Dimensions82 × 50 × 99 cm
Washer Capacity

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