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Super Bass Boost
Party DJ
Party Lighting
Party Karaoke
Wireless Party Link
TV Sound Sync

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The All-in-One for Bold Party Sound
A Super Bass Boost, and other fun features deliver big, powerful beats that take the party atmosphere up a notch.

Super Bass Boost
Powerful Sound the Party Will Feel
LG XBOOM RN7 generates extra airflow behind the speaker unit to produce thumping bass that sparks any party into life.

Light Up the Dance Floor with Multi Color Lighting
Colorful LED lights vary and change with the rhythm of the beat to add more excitement to your parties.

Party Strobe
Sync Your Smartphone with the Beat
Shine a little more fun on the party. Connect up to three smartphones and hold them up as the rear light flashes in sync with the music.

DJ App
Spin the Decks from the Dance Floor
Get the party dancing. Apply sound effects straight from the DJ App on either Android or iOS, or control the DJ Pad on the speaker.

Karaoke Star
Sing It Loud and Clear
Adjust the music and microphone volume separately, reduce track vocals with the Voice Canceller, and tune the music to your voice with the Key Changer. Then when you’re ready, sing your heart out.

Party Saver
Relive the Fun with Friends
Record your playlists and DJ mixes to USB so you can listen back to them at anytime. Copy them to another USB, or even send them to friends over Bluetooth

More Ways to Enjoy the Party
Plug in to the guitar input and get the room rocking. Or use a USB and the radio to play music.

Multi Bluetooth & XBOOM App
Share Playlists on One App
Pair three devices at the same time via the XBOOM App. Use any of the connected devices to seamlessly control a playlist with no interruption to music. Get it on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

TV Sound Sync
Feel the Excitement of a Live Performance
Connect the RN7 to your LG TV via optical cable or Bluetooth® to experience more impressive, room-filing sound.

Introducing the LG Xboom RN7, a revolutionary sound system now available in the Philippines at your favorite appliances store: Savers Appliances. This versatile audio powerhouse is designed to take your party experience to the next level, delivering not just sound but also a complete sensory extravaganza. Whether you’re hosting a small get-together or a grand celebration, the LG Xboom RN7 promises to transform any gathering into an unforgettable event.

Feel the vibes and jive with the pulse of the music as you sway to the booming bass beats made possible by the Super Bass Boost feature. This ensures that every rhythm you hear resonates with power and accuracy. Whether you’re aspiring to be the ultimate Party DJ, wanting to serenade the crowd with Party Karaoke, or simply enjoying the immersive sound, the LG Xboom RN7 provides the tools to command the atmosphere. With the DJ App, you can fine-tune your playlist and apply sound effects seamlessly. Don’t forget to explore the captivating Party Lighting and Colorful LED Lights that will set the perfect mood for your events. As the lights sync with the music and the Party Strobe dazzles, your party is sure to be a hit!

But did you know that the LG Xboom RN7 offers more than just sound and lights? The Wireless Party Link feature lets you pair two systems for an even more powerful audio experience. If you’re going for a more immersive and cinematic feel or experience, the TV Sound Sync feature has got your back. It ensures that your audio syncs seamlessly with your TV. With the LG Xboom RN7, you can turn any gathering into an extraordinary celebration, creating unforgettable memories that will be talked about for years to come.

Get the LG Xboom RN7at Savers Appliances today. Our website has a wide array of appliances for sale that will meet your every want and need. For your ultimate convenience, you can pay for your orders using a variety of methods. We also offer free delivery in key cities around the country.

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