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  • 3 Brass Burners and 1 Hotplate
  • Gas Oven and Grill Function
  • Oven Lamp, Rotisserie, Timer and Deep Tray
  • Manual Ignition on Oven
  • Dish Compartment at the Bottom
  • Double Glaze Oven Door
  • Removable Tempered Glass Cover

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With the Markes Gas Range MRCS60, you’ll feel like a pro chef whenever you cook. This range will allow you to save time and space, even while you’re cooking more. Enjoy the many possibilities for prepping your food with this gas stove-, hotplate-, and oven-in-one. Get one for your home in the Philippines by purchasing a unit here at Savers Appliances.

For those whose budget can accommodate a gas range, the initial expenses are often worth it. That’s because these gas ranges, which combine the utility of gas stoves and ovens in one single appliance, are extremely handy and adaptable. They allow home cooks to economize the often-limited space in their kitchens, and they also make it easy to accomplish several steps of food prep in one go. A home cook can safely be boiling soup or frying fish on the stove at the very same time they’re roasting some chicken in the oven. In much less time than it takes with a regular stove, dinner will be ready for a hungry family.

If such a scenario sounds appealing to you, then you can invest in a quality gas range unit like the Markes Gas Range MRCS60. Alongside three brass burners, this gas range boasts a hotplate and a gas oven with a grill function. The oven can be switched on via manual ignition and comes with its own lamp, rotisserie, and deep tray for food items. With its double glaze oven door and removable tempered glass cover, the Markes Gas Range MRCS60 is a beauty to look at and a breeze to clean up. It wouldn’t be out of place in a modern-day kitchen owned by a passionate home cook.

Look for the Markes Gas Range MRCS60 among our appliances for sale at Savers Appliances. Buy one while it’s still in stock!

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