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  • Full Fire Failure Devices in Oven & Cooktop,
  • Rotisserie function
  • 55L large cavity -larger cavity, more love
  • Stainless steel cooktop
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Electric / Pulse Ignition

Instantly and safely ignite the burner without wasting gas.

Enamel Oven Cavity

The Midea Black Gas Range is expertly engineered to physically withstand the wear-and-tear of Filipino Cooking.

Flame Failure Device

Each burner is fitted with flame failure device to assure your safety.

Safely cook your favorite recipes on this Midea Cooking Range 3Gas Burner+1Hot Plate 50cm FP-63GSR050MMER-T1. Equipped with Full Fire Failure Devices, this gas range prevents the build-up of harmful gas inside your stove and kitchen. Meanwhile, the 3 gas burners and 1 electric hot plate make it possible to cook just about anything, even if the power goes out or you run out of gas in your cylinder.

With its electric/pulse ignition, this Midea Cooking Range can instantly and efficiently ignite the 3 gas burners. There’s no need to use a match that’s wasteful and cumbersome. To use, simply open the gas cylinder turn on the burner, and you’re ready to cook for your family and friends. When it comes to the oven, this range has a large 55L capacity so you can roast an entire turkey or pork belly with room to spare. Inside, the interior surface of the oven is lined with enamel to reinforce the oven and make cleanup a breeze. Outside, the oven door is made with a 2-layer mirror and glass for an aesthetic and functional finish. Furthermore, this Midea gas range is made with stainless steel panels to prevent rust and corrosion from damaging the oven over time.

If safety is a concern for you when choosing a gas range, the Midea Cooking Range addresses this by including an innovative Flame Failure Device (FFD) on each burner as well as the oven. This device works by stopping the flow of gas in case the fire from the burner gets extinguished. As a result, gas can’t escape and form a dangerous build-up in your space.

Order the Midea Cooking Range 3Gas Burner+1Hot Plate 50cm FP-63GSR050MMER-T1 today from an appliances store that won’t break the bank. Choose Savers Appliances for all your kitchen and home appliance needs.

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