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  • Flame failure device on oven
  • Oven lamp
  • Pulse Ignition
  • Normal 2 layer glass oven door
  • Body Material: SPCC (silver coated)
  • Top Material: SUS430
  • Piso per Fry- only P1 of LPG consumed in 15 minutes of cooking
  • 4456 Ampheres
  • 2500 watts

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Let your inner chef shine with the Midea Cooking Range 4Gas Burner 50cm FP-63GSR050MMFG-S1. This gas range comes with 4 gas burners, so you can cook up a feast simultaneously if needed. One of the most notable features of this cooking range is the Flame Failure Device (FFD) on the oven. This device is designed to cut off the supply of gas to the oven once the fire is extinguished for some reason. As a result, you can avoid the build-up of dangerous gas in the oven and your kitchen. It’s a great safety feature for your home.

To get this range started, all it takes is a turn on the burner knob. Since this cooking range includes a pulse ignition, there’s no need to whip out your lighter or match. This is a more efficient and convenient way to use this gas range. Moreover, this cooking range has a 55-liter cavernous space that allows you to roast an entire turkey or a large chicken. With an oven lamp to light up the interior, you can immediately see what you’re cooking or baking inside. The oven comes with a 2-layer heat-resistant glass and mirror for insulation, as well as a more aesthetic look and functional design. It effectively keeps in the heat for a much faster cooking time.

When it comes to durability, you have nothing to worry about. This Midea gas range is made using Cold Rolled Carbon Steel Sheets and Strips (SPCC) for the ultimate rust and corrosion resistance. In addition, vital components are made from SUS430 or ferritic stainless steel, which is exceptionally resistant to corrosion and combustion. Moreover, the surfaces of this gas range are silver-coated to reinforce its corrosion protection.

At Savers Appliances, appliances for sale are brand-new and tested for the highest quality. If you’re in the market for a Midea Cooking Range 4Gas Burner 50cm FP-63GSR050MMFG-S1, our online store will ensure that you have the best shopping experience.

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