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Key Specs:

  • 733W
  • EER: 13.0 (kJ/W-h)
  • Cooling Capacity: 9,000 BTU
  • R-32 Refrigerant
  • Sleep Mode
  • 24-hour Timer
  • Dimension (WxHxD): 560 x 670 x 400 mm


If you’re thinking about buying your first inverter air conditioner, consider a model with a familiar window-type design. The Midea Window Type Aircon Inverter 1HP FP-51ARA010HEIV-N4 combines the ease of operating a window-type aircon with greater energy efficiency and cooling speed. Get one today from the Philippines’ most trusted appliance retailer, Savers Appliances.

One of the most important components of an air conditioner is its compressor, which is responsible for circulating the aircon’s refrigerant during the heat exchange process. An inverter serves the purpose of controlling the frequency of electrical currents going to the compressor, therefore allowing the latter to vary its speed. The end result is an optimal speed for maintaining the aircon’s cool temperature, which also translates to better energy efficiency. That explains how owners often save large amounts on their electricity bills just by switching to an inverter-type aircon.

Inverter air conditioners are currently growing in popularity among Filipino homeowners, and for good reason. Aside from their energy efficiency, they’re also known to cool rooms in much less time than non-inverter-type aircons. One unit that can demonstrate the capabilities of inverter technology, all while featuring a familiar design, is the Midea Window Type Aircon Inverter 1HP FP-51ARA010HEIV-N4.

This 1HP window-type inverter aircon boasts a cooling capacity of 9,000 BTU and an energy efficiency ratio of 13.0 kJ/W-h. It also uses R32 refrigerant, which is known to be the most environmentally friendly refrigerant option currently in the market. With features like a Sleep Mode and a 24-hour timer, this aircon will immediately prove useful in your household. Its quiet, fast, and powerful cooling performance will guarantee relief from hot days, as well as restful nights.

You’ll be able to find an excellent deal for the Midea Window Type Aircon Inverter 1HP FP-51ARA010HEIV-N4 at Savers Appliances’ online appliances store. Reserve one for your household while stocks are available!

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Weight46.1 kg
Dimensions67 × 56 × 40 cm
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