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  • Indoor/Outdoor Gold Pin
  • Cooling Capacity 18,990 kj/h
  • EER : 11.5
  • UV Light
  • 3D Airflow
  • Self Cleaning
  • Backlit Remote

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The Midea Split Type Aircon AG Inverter 2.0HP FP-53AST020KEIV-G4 is a great choice of air conditioner to beat the heat in the Philippines. Features like its 3D Airflow, UV light, and self-cleaning capacity will make it a worthwhile addition to your home. Get one at an excellent discount here at Savers Appliances. We are top of mind among many Filipinos when it comes to value-for-money appliances.

The Philippines is notorious for its weather extremes, especially during the summer. Keeping cool is a necessity not only for one’s comfort, but one’s health as well. For hot summer days as well as humid and sticky days, you’ll want to rely on the power of your air conditioner. If you want added cooling strength and savings on your electric bill, you can choose to upgrade to a split-type unit that uses inverter technology.

One model that you can consider for your home is the Midea Split Type Aircon AG Inverter 2.0HP FP-53AST020KEIV-G4. In addition to its cooling capacity of 18,990 kJ per hour, it can achieve an energy efficiency ratio of 11.5. That means that this hardworking aircon will keep large spaces cool while being smart with energy consumption.

The Midea Split Type Aircon AG Inverter 2.0HP FP-53AST020KEIV-G4 also utilizes Midea’s signature 3D Airflow to blast cold air evenly at different angles. This ensures that every corner of the room stays cool and breezy. And for extra cleanliness and protection against airborne contaminants, this split-type aircon has a self-cleaning feature and its own UV light.

You’ll be able to find the Midea Split Type Aircon AG Inverter 2.0HP FP-53AST020KEIV-G4 featured among our appliances for sale. Get an awesome discount on this unit when you buy it from Savers Appliances.

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Weight43.9 kg
Dimensions104.5 × 33.7 × 101.5 cm
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