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  • Fuel Type: All-Gas
  • No. of Gas Burners/Brand: 4 / SBT/Seal
  • No. of Electric Hotplates: None
  • Oven Size (L): 67
  • Cooktop Ignition Type: Pulse
  • Oven Ignition Type: Pulse
  • FFD for Cooktop: Yes
  • FFD for Oven/Grill: None
  • Thermostat for Oven/Grill: Yes
  • Timer: Yes
  • Rotisserie: Yes
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Stainless Steel Cooktop

The TwinFlap feature allows the outer flap to incline upward for even cooling without the cold air. The inner flap has micro holes that allow cold air to a more gentle breeze.

Electric / Pulse Ignition

Instantly and safely ignite the burner without wasting gas.

Enamel Matte Coated Support

Heat durable, safe and resistant that also gives the range a better looking finish.

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Weight38 kg
Dimensions58.5 × 63.5 × 88.5 cm


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