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Key Specs:

  • Rated Power Supply: 220-240V/60Hz
  • Rated Wash Power (W): 400
  • Standard Water Pressure (MPa): 0.03-0.8 (4.3psi-116psi)
  • Standard Cycle Time: 42 minutes
  • Pulsator Type: Conventional
  • Motor: Conventional
  • Number of Wash Programs & Program: 8

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The Midea Top Load Washing Machine 6.5kg FP-90LTL065GETM-N2 is an intelligent but affordable washing machine. With just one tap, you can instantly start your wash cycle of up to 6.5 kg of laundry. Enjoy features like its one-touch functionality and Water Magic Cube. Get yours today at Savers Appliances. We are one of the top appliance retailers in the Philippines.

One Touch

Wash your clothes with ease with Midea Top Load Washer’s One Touch function. Just simply press on the start button and it can automatically measure the laundry weight and calculate the water level needed and intelligently match the optimum washing-rinse-spin time.

Water Magic Cube

With the Smart Sensors, your Midea Top Load Washer will dispense just the right amount of water.

Php 1 Per Washload

Get great savings with the Midea Top Load Washer.

Laundry may not be your favorite chore, which is easy to understand. Oftentimes, it’s exhausting to load clothes into the washer drum and measure the right amount of water and detergent to use. However, modern-day washing machines can save you the trouble and do a lot of the hard work for you. There’s no better example than the Midea Top Load Washing Machine 6.5kg FP-90LTL065GETM-N2, which sports some awesome smart features for an affordable price.

The most helpful feature on the Midea Top Load Washing Machine 6.5kg FP-90LTL065GETM-N2 is its one-touch functionality. Right after you load your laundry, all you’ll need to do is press the start button. The machine will then auto-calculate the water level needed to match the exact weight of laundry in the drum. The Water Magic Cube will dispense just the right amount of water needed, and you’ll be able to wash without wasting water or energy. On average, you’ll only spend PHP 1 per wash load, which is excellent if you actively want to conserve resources while doing laundry. And with 8 wash programs to choose from, you’ll be able to get your laundry done exactly to your liking.

Score the Midea Top Load Washing Machine 6.5kg FP-90LTL065GETM-N2 from among our many appliances for sale. Shop for this unit at Savers Appliances now before stocks run out!

Additional information

Weight33 kg
Dimensions57.5 × 58.5 × 97.5 cm
Washer Capacity


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