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  • Cooling Capacity: 9,500 kJ/h
  • EER: 11.3
  • Easy to Clean Air Filter
  • Elegant Design
  • Slide Out Chassis
  • Two (2) Fan Speed
  • 4-Way Air Deflection System


Provide a comfortable haven for your family with the Panasonic Window Type Aircon 1HP CW-MN920JPH. With a 1HP compressor, this aircon can cool an 18- to 22-square-meter space. Moreover, this Panasonic aircon has a 9,500 kJ/h cooling capacity for better performance. Thus, it’s the perfect aircon for your small bedroom or home office.

With an 11.3 Energy Efficiency Rating (EER), this aircon scores well in terms of energy savings, so leaving it running at night won’t give as much of a bill shock. What’s more, the aircon’s window type design, in general, supports lower energy consumption. So, if saving on electricity is one of your priorities, this air conditioner is a good choice. Another good thing about the Panasonic Window Type Aircon 1HP CW-MN920JPH is its cost-effectiveness. It has a manual switch and a timer that you can set to turn off the aircon’s operation. Another important feature is its 4-Way Air Deflection System that allows the aircon to blast cold air in all 4 directions. This can cool an entire room quickly and more efficiently. To further support the operation, it’s equipped with a built-in 2-speed fan. Meanwhile, the aircon features an easy-to-clean air filter to capture dust and debris sucked in by the aircon.

In terms of build, the Panasonic aircon features a minimalist design that would suit any interior space. In fact, its clean facade does not call too much attention; it even has a clever cover to hide the switches and buttons. For ease of installation, the single-unit window type aircon wins. With a simpler non-inverter motor, this Panasonic air conditioner is also more durable and cheaper to repair. So, if cost-saving is important for you, this air conditioner might just be the perfect fit.

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Weight30 kg
Dimensions50.5 × 66 × 46.5 cm
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