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  • R600A Refrigerant
  • Direct Cool Technology
  • High Efficiency and Low Noise Compressor
  • Half Grip Door Handle
  • LED Room Bulb
  • Pocket Deodorizer
  • Adjustable Leg
  • Adjustable Slide-out Storage Shelves
  • Movable Ice Tray
  • Manual Defrosting


Chill and preserve your food with the Panasonic Single Door Refrigerator 7.4 Cu.ft. NR-AQ211NS. If you’re just starting to live on your own, this Panasonic Single Door Refrigerator is what you need. With a 7.4 cubic feet capacity, this refrigerator is just the right size for singles and couples who are just starting to live on their own.

This Panasonic refrigerator is powered by Direct Cool Technology, which uses less energy than other models. At its core, this refrigerator boasts a high-efficiency and low-noise compressor. As such, there’s little need to worry about your energy consumption at the end of the month. So, go ahead and fill this refrigerator with your favorite food and drinks. To help keep your food organized, this refrigerator comes with adjustable slide-out storage shelves and a movable ice tray. It also has a LED room bulb so you can see the interior of your refrigerator. Meanwhile, a pocket deodorizer keeps the food smells in check and a half-grip ergonomic door handle makes opening and closing the refrigerator as smooth as possible. Keep in mind that this refrigerator requires manual defrosting every once in a while to keep the cooling efficient and quick. Other than this, the refrigerator simply needs the usual maintenance of keeping surfaces clean and the contents organized.

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Weight40 kg
Dimensions65 × 58 × 130 cm


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