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  • 80W
  • EER: 470
  • R600A
  • Built-in Deodorizer
  • Full Flat Door Design
  • Dimension (LxWxH): 62 × 54 × 156.9 cm

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Looking for a powerful refrigerator that will look beautiful in your kitchen? If so, make the Panasonic Two Door Refrigerator Inverter 9.4 Cu.ft. NR-BQ261VB one of your top options. With its energy-efficient inverter compressor, built-in deodorizer, and sleek metallic flat-door design, it will make an excellent addition to your home. Buy one at an awesome price from Savers Appliances!

With so many options out there in the market, it’s understandable to get choice fatigue about which refrigerator to buy. But there are a couple of important factors that should determine your choice of fridge. One is the overall size of the appliance, as the right choice should fit inside your kitchen space and have enough room to store all your perishable food essentials. Another is energy efficiency, given that the power consumption of the refrigerator factors into the cost of your utilities. An inefficient refrigerator could be a money drain in the long run and leave you with a stack of pricey electric bills.

For a refrigerator that you can depend on for both spaciousness and energy efficiency, consider a product like the Panasonic Two Door Refrigerator Inverter 9.4 Cu.ft. NR-BQ261VB. It comes with a roomy main compartment and a jumbo-sized freezer, and it utilizes turbo freezing and turbo cooling for these two chambers. It also sports a powerful inverter compressor that runs on more controlled speeds, which allows the refrigerator to achieve precision cooling temperatures and consume less energy at the same time. This model also comes in a handsome ceramic gray finish, which is easy to clean and which will add extra aesthetic appeal to your kitchen.

You can find the Panasonic Two Door Refrigerator Inverter 9.4 Cu.ft. NR-BQ261VB among our appliances for sale here at Savers Appliances’ online store. Shop now for an excellent deal on this appliance!

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Weight48 kg
Dimensions65 × 58 × 164 cm
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