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  • Nanoe-G Air Purifying System
  • EER: 13.64
  • R32 Refrigerant
  • Blue Fin CondenserSoft Dry Operation Mode
  • Odor-Removing Function
  • Self-Diagnostic Function
  • LCD Wireless Remote Control
  • ECO Mode with A.I.
  • Airflow Direction Control

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Purifies Independently for 24hrs Quality Air
The water-based nanoe™ X particles can effectively reduce strong odors and inhibit harmful pollutants like bacteria and viruses, mould, allergens, pollen, and hazardous substances. The nanoe™ X particles can even moisturize skin and hair. Nanoe-G with negative ions can effectively remove dust particles as small as PM2.5.

Thus ensuring your loved ones enjoy better indoor air quality at all times.

Quality time in the heart of the home
Panasonic’s air solutions deliver cooling comfort that adapts to you and your family’s lifestyle in a healthier way.

Intelligently Balances Energy Savings and Comfort
The new Panasonic ECO Mode with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Control learns about your room environment. Energy saving is maximized in each room’s environment as it autoadjusts to the optimal ECO level based on heat load conditions and air conditioning capacity.

Fast and direct cooling for social occasions
Fast Cooling at start up to cool everyone instantly.

Energy Saving and Precise Temperature Control
Panasonic‘s INVERTER reduces power consumption by varying the speed of the compressor according to temperature changes with the aim of minimizing the temperature fluctuations so you can enjoy consistent cooling comfort.

Fast Cooling

An Environmentally-friendly Refrigerant
At Panasonic, we are committed to healthier lifestyles and to reducing our environmental footprint. That’s why our air conditioners have been increasingly adopting the more eco-friendly R32 refrigerant. R32 refrigerant represents innovation in every way. It is an excellent heat transfer medium which leads to greater energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. R32 refrigerant also has low global warming potential, hence it’s friendlier to the environment.


Beat the heat in the Philippines with the Panasonic Split Type Aircon Std. Inverter 1.0HP CS/CU-PU9WKQ. This product is a paragon of modern air conditioning technology that combines high efficiency, user comfort, and environmental responsibility. This air conditioner is equipped with an advanced Nanoe-G Air Purifying System, a feature that utilizes water-based nanoe™ X particles. These particles are uniquely effective in neutralizing strong odors and inhibiting harmful pollutants including bacteria, viruses, molds, allergens, and pollen. They can also moisturize skin and hair, assuring purified and healthful air quality in your living spaces. Get this aircon today at the best price, only at Savers Appliances!

Another reason to purchase this Panasonic aircon is that its energy efficiency is a hallmark, highlighted by its impressive Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 13.64. It utilizes the eco-friendly R32 refrigerant, which aligns with contemporary environmental standards and is notable for its low global warming potential. The R32 refrigerant is an excellent heat transfer medium that increases energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This air conditioner also includes an intuitive LCD Wireless Remote Control for seamless operation. Its innovative ECO Mode, integrated with artificial intelligence, learns and adapts to the specific room environment. This feature maximizes energy savings by auto-adjusting to the optimal ECO level based on the room’s prevailing heat load conditions and air conditioning capacity. Additional aircon features include a Blue Fin Condenser and Soft Dry Operation Mode, which ensure rapid and efficient cooling. The Odor-Removing Function and Self-Diagnostic Function add convenience layers, making it an ideal choice for maintaining a comfortable and healthy indoor environment. The Airflow Direction Control feature further enhances its functionality, allowing for precise control of the cooling effect.

Designed for diverse settings, whether for rapid cooling during social gatherings or continuous air purification for day-long quality air, the Panasonic Split Type Aircon Std. Inverter 1.0HP CS/CU-PU9WKQ is engineered to meet various needs while balancing comfort and efficiency. Make the smart choice today and order this unit at the number one appliances store: Savers Appliances.

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