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Vivid crystal color on our slimmest profile

Lifelike color, born in a pure state with fine crystal
Dynamic Crystal Color
A different level of UHD with advanced phosphor technology. Immerse yourself in the picture with one billion shades of color. Dynamic Crystal Color delivers lifelike variations so you can see every subtlety.

Discover your favorite contents in one place
Smart Hub (Global)
Samsung’s new Smart Hub puts content curation and discovery front and center, so you spend less time searching and more time streaming movies, shows and other contents you enjoy.

Enhanced sense of depth and color
Contrast Enhancer
Contrast Enhancer ensures that every image appears more natural and is incredibly detailed. This innovative picture technology analyzes regions of each image and dynamically adjusts the contrast, resulting in an enhanced sense of depth and color.

See dark and light in every scene
High Dynamic Range increases the range of light levels on your TV so you can enjoy an enormous spectrum of colors and all the visual details, in even the darkest scenes.

Smooth motion for a clear picture
Motion Xcelerator
Experience clear picture and performance because it automatically estimates and compensates frames for the source of contents.

Easier control, greener future
SolarCell Remote
Say goodbye to disposable batteries with the eco-friendly SolarCell Remote that’s equipped with a solar panel on the back. The built-in microphone also facilitates the Voice Assistant function, so it’s innovative in more ways than one.

Your best home butler
Let SmartThings intuitively control your home by detecting, connecting and controlling your smart devices around your TV. The built-in hub allows you to enjoy enhanced connectivity without additional devices. You can also answer the door even as you’re watching TV.

Choose whatever voice assistant you are used to
Multiple Voice Assistants (Check the Google wake word of your region.)
Choose your favorite voice assistant – Bixby or Amazon Alexa. The built-in voice assistants provide optimal entertainment experience and advanced control for your home.

Enhance your living space and improve your everyday viewing experience by adding the Samsung 65inch Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV UA65BU8100G to your home theater setup. This 65-inch smart TV offers stunning visuals thanks to features such as Dynamic Crystal Color, Crystal Processor 4K, and other technologies that work together to offer unparalleled entertainment. Purchase this TV for your home or office on Savers Appliances today to enjoy convenient delivery and pickup services, as well as hassle-free cash and cashless payment options. With this Samsung TV in your home, you always have the choice to enjoy cinema-quality viewing in a familiar environment.

Bearing the logo of a trusted electronic brand, the Samsung 65inch Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV UA65BU8100G is an excellent addition to your home entertainment system. Start by reveling in stunning visuals with the model’s Dynamic Crystal Color, a feature that utilizes advanced phosphor technology for lifelike color variations. It also has Crystal Processor 4K, which ensures a brilliant 4K resolution and delivers a visual feast that captures every detail with precision.

This smart TV is designed to enhance everyday experiences by paying special attention to the details. For instance, it has a feature called Contrast Enhancer that dynamically adjusts contrast for a heightened sense of depth and richer colors. It also makes use of HDR technology to ensure vivid rendering of both light and dark scenes, unveiling subtleties in every frame. Then, there’s Motion Xcelerator. This automatically estimates and compensates frames to provide a clear picture and optimal performance, particularly during sports or action scenes. Gaming enthusiasts in the Philippines will also appreciate the low latency feature of the Samsung TV UA65BU8100G, as it’s designed to prevent lags and offer a seamless gaming experience. In terms of sound, the model’s virtual top-channel audio with Object Tracking Sound Lite enables it to generate 3D surround sound that immerses you in the action. Meanwhile, Q Symphony takes audio to the next level by enabling TV speakers and connected soundbars to operate simultaneously, creating a truly immersive audio experience.

Upgrade your home entertainment setup with the Samsung 65inch Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV UA65BU8100G. Buy this and other models today and enjoy top-notch services and experiences from Savers Appliances, your trusted appliances store in the Philippines.

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