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  • Quantum Matrix Technology for brilliant blacks and incredible detail
  • Discover unseen detail with Quantum High Dynamic Range 24x
  • Breathtaking cinematic sound with True Dolby Atmos*
  • Immersive colour & contrast with QLED powered by Quantum Dot

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Neo QLED 4K Smart TV – QN85B
Greatness never ends, but evolves.
See how good TV can be, with QN85B Neo QLED TV. Quantum Matrix Technology powered by Quantum Mini LED backlighting joins with Quantum HDR 24x images and Wireless True Dolby Atmos, for a complete sound and vision experience.

Brilliant blacks and incredible detail
Quantum Matrix Technology
Quantum Matrix Technology represents a revolution in TV display technology. By developing proprietary Mini LEDs shrunk to 1/40th the size of some other backlights, and introducing a micro layer for precise light control, Samsung has set a new standard in picture quality, delivering incredible detail, deep blacks and brilliant brightness and contrast.*

The unseen details in high dynamic range
Quantum HDR 24x
Watch your favourite films and shows in extraordinary detail. Quantum HDR 24x helps reveal what you might have missed in particularly dark or light scenes, making them pop with vivid, breathtaking colour.*

An incredible Dolby Atmos experience
Wireless True Dolby Atmos*
Lose yourself in the breathtaking realism of cinematic sound, right in your own home. Your Samsung TV features inbuilt up firing speakers and True Dolby Atmos support to deliver larger-than-life audio experiences.* In addition, your Samsung TV in a world first, can now wirelessly transmit the Dolby Atmos signal to your compatible Samsung Soundbar for a clean, easy and wonderfully immersive sound experience.

Unleash cinematic colour with Quantum Dot
QLED powered by Quantum Dot
Samsung QLED TV’s Quantum Dot technology delivers a billion shades of colour and incredible contrast in a variety of lighting conditions – allowing you to discover details you haven’t before.

Sleek lines, effortlessly stylish design
NeoSlim Design
The stylish NeoSlim design makes this Neo QLED TV the perfect complement to your home. At just 27mm, it boasts an incredibly thin profile that is designed to blend in seamlessly. And with no bulky bezels, and built-in cable management to help reduce clutter, you can enjoy the action without distraction.

Clarity in motion
Motion Rate 200
Keep up with fast-paced sports and action movies. Samsung’s Motion Rate 200 helps you experience smooth, clear motion through the most dynamic of scenes.

Easy control, greener future
Advanced SolarCell One Remote
Easily control all of your compatible devices with Samsung’s Advanced SolarCell One Remote and get quick access to things like Netflix, YouTube, gaming consoles or a Soundbar with Smart Hub.* And now, the SolarCell One Remote is partially made with recycled plastic** and can be powered by indoor lights. It is even smart enough to harvest power from radio frequencies generated by Wi-Fi routers in your home, so you’ll never need disposable batteries again.

Control your TV with ease
Built-in Voice Assistant
You can ask either Bixby, Alexa, or Google Assistant to play your favourite content, get answers, and even control your TV and other compatible connected devices – all by using your voice.*

Synchronised sound from your TV and Soundbar*
Experience groundbreaking audio from Q-Symphony, which synchronises sound between your TV and compatible Samsung Q-Series Home Theatre Soundbar. Discover truly immersive surround sound that helps put you right in the middle of the action.*

The Intelligence behind the beauty
Neo Quantum Processor 4K
Behind the Neo QLED TV’s awesome picture quality and performance is the powerful Neo Quantum Processor 4K. Responsible for features such as colour tone mapping and image upscaling, it helps ensure your screen delivers movies and shows in incredible detail, for a truly brilliant viewing experience.*

Hangs beautifully on the wall, with virtually no gap
Slim Fit Wall Mount (Sold Separately)
Slim Fit Wall-Mount accessory (sold separately) helps your TV to hang beautifully on the wall, leaving minimal space between.* Gorgeous from all angles, your TV can fit elegantly into your living room.

Redefine how you see home entertainment with the addition of the Samsung 65inch Neo QLED 4K Smart TV QA65QN85BA to your living room or home theater setup. This model features Quantum Matrix Technology, making it easy for you to immerse yourself in breathtaking visuals. Made by the trusted global electronics brand Samsung, this 65-inch TV model can keep up with your entertainment needs, no matter if you prefer binging TV series, watching movies, following sports events, or even gaming on your own. Buy it now from Savers Appliances.

One of the standout features of the Samsung 65inch Neo QLED 4K Smart TV QA65QN85BA is its use of Quantum Matrix Technology. This innovative feature utilizes thousands of tiny LEDs for precise backlighting, creating a display that’s not only vibrant but remarkably lifelike. This TV model is also equipped with the Quantum HDR 24x, a feature that takes your viewing experience to the next level by enhancing dark and light scenes and making colors pop with unparalleled richness and depth. With its AI Upscaling capabilities, this TV can also effortlessly upgrade content to brilliant 4K resolution.

Whether you’re watching movies, sports, or your favorite shows, you can rest assured that the Samsung TV QA65QN85BA can render every detail with striking precision. The Motion Rate 200 ensures that fast-paced action remains crystal clear, capturing every moment with stunning realism. But it’s not just about visuals—this TV also delivers a true cinematic experience with its Dolby Atmos technology. Feel the immersive sound as it fills your living space, turning your home into a personal theater.

Considering these features, the Samsung 65inch Neo QLED 4K Smart TV QA65QN85BA is pretty slim with a profile measuring just 27mm. The bezel-free display and built-in cable management contribute to a sleek and clutter-free look that seamlessly integrates into your living space. Unlock the full potential of your home entertainment system with this smart TV from Samsung. Buy it from Savers Appliances and have it delivered to your home. We have branches all over the Philippines, and our appliances store also offers pickup services. Shop with us today.

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