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  • Cooling Capacity: 9917 kJ/hW
  • Power Consumption: 915W
  • Refrigerant (Type): R32
  • Dimension (Indoor, WxHxD, mm): 820 x 299 x 215
  • Dimension (Outdoor, WxHxD, mm): 660 x 475 x 242


Are you looking to invest in your first split-type air conditioner with inverter technology? Upgrade your household’s current air conditioning system with a unit from Savers Appliances. Here, you can purchase a product like the Samsung AR09TYHYEWKNTC S-Inverter Split Type Aircon 1HP at a significant discount. Shop today at Savers Appliances!

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Samsung is one of South Korea’s most prominent appliance manufacturers. They are trusted all around the world for forward-thinking, reliable, and easy-to-use home appliances like air conditioners. The Samsung AR09TYHYEWKNTC S-Inverter Split Type Aircon is one such example of a product that fits the bill. For homeowners who are switching from window-type air conditioners to more expensive, but more efficient inverter air conditioners, this model is a good starting point.

The Samsung AR09TYHYEWKNTC S-Inverter Split Type Aircon works on inverter technology, which means that the air conditioner’s inverter regulates the speed of its compressor motor. That added capacity to regulate the compressor motor speed is what allows the Samsung AR09TYHYEWKNTC to adjust its temperature without powering down. That also means that this split-type inverter model consumes less power and is more energy-efficient than a window-type aircon without an inverter. As soon as you get the Samsung AR09TYHYEWKNTC installed, you will notice the difference in your electric bills.

Samsung’s proprietary Digital Inverter Boost technology also includes a Twin Tube Muffler, which allows the air conditioner to run quietly as well as efficiently. This model also has a Fast Cool feature, which enables cold air to flow through the room quickly. In addition, its Auto Clean feature removes unwanted particles and moisture from the heat exchanger, keeping you safe from airborne contaminants.

The dependable and eco-friendly Samsung AR09TYHYEWKNTC will be great at keeping your home cool. Even if you have to use it more often in the hot summer months, you don’t have to worry about having a hefty electric bill. You’ll find a great deal on the Samsung AR09TYHYEWKNTC S-Inverter Split Type Aircon 1 HP at Savers Appliances, a trusted appliance dealer in the Philippines. Shop here now and enjoy delivery of this air conditioning unit right at your doorstep!

Digital Inverter Boost

Save money every day with highly energy-efficient Digital Inverter Boost technology. It maintains the desired temperature with less fluctuation. It also has neodymium magnets and a Twin Tube Muffler, so it works efficiently, quietly and lasts much longer. And it reduces energy usage by up to 73%.

Reduces noise and energy use by 73%*

Fast Cooling
Cool rooms quickly from corner to corner, so you’re always comfortable. Digital Inverter Boost technology cools the air 43% faster*. Its advanced design also has a 15% larger fan, 18% wider inlet and a 31% wider blade. So cool air is dispersed farther and wider, reaching up to 15 meters.

Designed to cool faster, wider & farther

Auto Clean
When the air conditioner is turned off the Auto Clean function automatically runs a fan to remove dust and moisture in the heat exchanger. So it stays clean and dry, which prevents the growth of bacteria and mildew.

Simply cleans itself – automatically

Easy Filter Plus
Keep your air conditioner working efficiently with less effort. The Easy Filter Plus is located outside, on the top, so it can easily be taken out and cleaned. Its dense mesh keeps the Heat Exchanger clean and an anti-bacterial coating helps protect you against dangerous airborne contaminants.

Easy to clean anti-bacterial filter

Triple Protector Plus
Enjoy a long-lasting performance in challenging environments. Triple Protector Plus technology prevents damage from power surges and fluctuating electrical currents, without a separate voltage stabilizer. Its anti-corrosion coating also protects the condenser and cabinet in harsh conditions.

Stable and durable in harsh conditions

ECO Mode
Save energy, but still stay cool. ECO mode uses less compressor capacity compared to Normal mode, which reduces energy consumption*. It lets you cool more efficiently when it’s not too hot outside or just save energy and money at any time, so you don’t have to worry about the electricity bills.

Saves energy & money, cools effectively

Good Sleep
Good Sleep mode creates the desirable climate for a good night’s sleep. With its temperature control, it keeps you comfortable, so you fall asleep fast, sleep deeply, and wake up refreshed.

Sleep much better throughout the night

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Dimensions88 × 37.5 × 84 cm
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