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  • JetSteam Tackles Lingering Odours and Germs
  • Gently Dry Clothes
  • Relax Wrinkles
  • 99.9% Sanitisation with the Sanitise Cycle
  • Dimsension: 445 x 1850 x 615 mm (WxHxD)
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Steam Clean. JetSteam
What germs? Get clothing cleaner than clean with JetSteam. Blasting hot steam through its bespoke clothes hangers, it tackles those lingering odours, unwanted smells whilst providing 99.9% sanitisation with the sanitise cycle. It’s the perfect way to refresh the laundry between washes.

Steam clean

Deodorise Inside & Keep Clothes Fresh. Deodorising filter
Here’s a real breath of fresh air. AirDresser’s Deodorising Filter works wonders on those stubborn lingering smells that build up over time!

Deodorise inside & keep clothes fresh

Gently dry clothes at low temperature. HeatPump Drying
No more risking your delicates in the dryer, or waiting endlessly for your rain-soaked coat to dry. AirDresser’s HeatPump Drying uses cooler temperatures to dry clothes gently and quickly – reducing damage and shrinkage!

Gently dry clothes at low temperature

Less Wrinkles and Less Time Ironing. Wrinkle Care
That giant laundry pile won’t iron itself. But you can certainly speed it up, with AirDresser’s steam and weight kit and Wrinkle Care system smoothing out creases you never used to see the end of.

Less wrinkles and less time ironing

Be Blown Away. Jet Air + Air Hanger
No need to get hung up about your clothes gathering dust. The mighty Jet Air system and Air Hangers blow even the most stubborn dust and odours from your garments – inside and out. Better still, it’s so quiet, even a baby can sleep through the whole process.

Be blown away

Loads Smarter. SmartThings
Looking after your wardrobe just got smarter thanks to the SmartThings app. From suggesting the best cleaning cycles, to storing details of your garments, you can do it all on the app.

Loads smarter

Better clothing care with less humidity. Dehumidification
Taking care of your clothes shouldn’t be a hassle. When the door is open, the AirDresser doubles up as a dehumidifier to help remove moisture from the air. Making it easy to keep your clothes protected and smelling fresh.

Better clothing care with less humidity

Ditch the rubber gloves. Self Clean
AirDresser not only cleans your clothes brilliantly, but cleans itself too. Heat, air and steam do away with germs and odours, keeping it performing at its best. And to make life even easier, it reminds you after 40 cycles when it needs doing.

Ditch the rubber gloves

Enjoy the Silence. Soft Closing Door
Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference. Like AirDresser’s Soft Closing Door. It closes safely, gently and silently. So no more loud slamming or trapping fingers.

Enjoy the Silence

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