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  • OptimalDry System
  • Wrinkle Prevent
  • Quick Dry 35′
  • Iron Dry
  • Net Dimension (WxHxD): 600 x 850 x 640mm
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Saving half of electricity consumption. Heatpump Technology
Heatpump technology offers a more efficient, cost-effective and gentle way to dry clothes. It uses ‘refrigerant’ instead of electricity to heat the air – so it consumes only half electricity consumption.

Saving half of electricity consumption

Properly dry clothes. OptimalDry
Make sure your clothes are properly dry without constantly checking. OptimalDry automatically optimizes the time and temperature of the drying cycle. So clothes are always thoroughly dry without being damaged. Moisture sensors protect your laundry from heat damage and avoid excessive energy use.

Properly dry clothes

Enhanced filtering. 2-in-1 Filter
An advanced 2-in-1 Filter has a two-layered mesh filter, so there’s no need for a Heat Exchanger filter, maintaining optimum drying performance. Two alarms remind you when the Filter and Heat Exchanger need cleaning.

Enhanced filtering

Water level check. Water Tank Indicator
A Water Tank Indicator is a simple gauge on the front that shows how much condensed water has been extracted from your clothes. So you can quickly see if the water tank needs emptying before you start another load.

Water level check

Dry within 35 min. Quick Dry
A Quick Dry 35† cycle gets a small load of clothing dry and ready to wear in just 35 minutes. It can safely dry a few items, so there’s much less waiting.

Dry within 35 min.

Easy troubleshooting. Smart Check
Avoid the cost and inconvenience of a broken machine. Smart Check is an automatic error-monitoring system. You can use it anytime, anywhere with a smartphone App. It detects and diagnoses problems and provides quick and easy troubleshooting solutions. So it saves you repair time and money.

Easy troubleshooting


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