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  • Quantum Processor 4K
  • Colour Volume 100%
  • Bixby on TV
  • Magic Screen
  • 3,840 x 2,160 Resolution
  • Power Consumption (Max): 300W
  • 1 Billion+ Colors
  • HDMI Port: 4
  • USB Port: 2
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Be Immersed in a Billion Shades of Colour

Be immersed in a billion shades of colour

Top 4 Features

1. Colour Volume 100%
One billion shades of colour produced by Quantum Dot technology makes everything brilliant.

1. Colour Volume 100%

2. Quantum Processor 4K
Intelligence improves performance, optimizing to viewing condition and content in real time.

2. Quantum Processor 4K

3. Magic Screen
Say goodbye to that boring black screen by transforming it into a meaningful lifestyle canvas.

3. Magic Screen

4. Bixby on TV
Do more with Bixby. Our intelligent assistant lets you interact with your TV more meaningfully.

4. Bixby on TV

QLED Begins at Reality
Colour Volume 100% by Quantum Dot
Colours as real as they should be. With Samsung’s unique Quantum Dot technology, QLED cranks the colour volume to a full 100%‡, giving you realistic colours in dark or bright scene.

QLED begins at reality

See True HDR in Every Moment. Quantum HDR 4X
See objects in the dark and peer deeply into the shades of colour. Quantum HDR 4X analyzes the scene frame by frame and adjusts the lighting to express the unique brightness of every moment.

See true HDR in every moment

See the Bigger Picture
Everything gets very real on a bigger screen. You’ll experience every goal, feel every explosion, and be right in the middle of the action. You’ve never been closer than this.

See the bigger picture

Game Enhancer
To beat the competition, you have to have full control. Dynamic Black Equalizer gives you better visibility in the dark and uses detailed scene analysis to optimize image quality. It even enhances the sound so you can immerse yourself in the game.

Intelligent Mode
Conditions in your room can change, and your TV needs to adapt. QLED†s Intelligent Mode adjusts brightness and volume accordingly. It can even adjust the sound to match the TV content, such as clearing a dialogue in news programs and highlighting a singer’s voice over the background concert.

Intelligent Mode

Minimal Design, Maximum Impact
TV design should not distract you from your shows. QLED’s minimal design features slim bezels that focus your eyes on the picture, pulling you in so you see what’s really important.

Minimal design, maximum impact

No More Blank Screen. Magic Screen
Even when QLED is turned off, it’s never simply still. Magic Screen helps QLED mingle with your home décor for a perfectly natural effect. Instead of a simple black screen, you’ll see meaningful images that match your lifestyle, with easy settings and plenty of choices.

Set your screen with an interactive background that matches your room décor perfectly.


You can display info like the time and date on a beautiful background.


My Album
Display all your favorite photos from your mobile device. It’s your own personal gallery.

My album

Lovers of art will also enjoy beautiful pieces from well-known photographers and artists, all grouped on a variety of themes.


Make the Screen Your Own

Background Setting
QLED uses a photo of your wall to recreate the pattern on screen. It’s the perfect blend for your décor.

Linear Dots
QLED senses nearby colours in the room and applies them to a beautiful design on screen.

Mono Matt
Use various filters to transform your photos into beautiful works of art right before your eyes.

Light Grid
Special lighting for special occasions. Select from a variety of options, like neon, and have some fun with your space.

QLED Makes Everything Easy. Smart Hub & One Remote
QLED gets even smarter with Smart Hub and Samsung One Remote. They place all the content you want right at your fingertips, from your set-top box to game console, apps, and live TV. All you need is one.

QLED makes everything easy

And getting answers to your questions. Bixby on TV
You can even talk to QLED. Bixby is the assistant to your needs that goes beyond controlling your TV. Just ask and get more.

Build a Smart Home with QLED. SmartThings
A truly intelligent home, tailored to your life. With Samsung SmartThings built right in, QLED can connect you with your IoT devices and sensors. You can turn on the lights, check what†s in the fridge, and even control the robot vacuum cleaner.

Build a smart home with QLED

Seamless Connections
QLED can be the center of a new and more convenient connected lifestyle. It integrates seamlessly with smart speakers and mobile devices—even from other brands.


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