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  • Real Game Enhancer
  • Dynamic Crystal Color
  • UHD Processor
  • Bixby on TV
  • 3,840 x 2,160 Resolution
  • Power Consumption (Max): 275W
  • HDMI Port: 4
  • USB Port: 2
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Entertainment at Its Best

Entertainmentat its best

Top 4 Features

1. Real Game Enhancer
Win more games, have more controls with smooth motion and lifelike images.

1. Real Game Enhancer

2. Dynamic Crystal Color
Immerse yourself in the picture with one billion shades of color.

2. Dynamic Crystal Color

3. UHD Processor
Picture quality with the power to move you.

3. UHD Processor

4. Bixby on TV
Do more with Bixby. Our intelligent assistant lets you interact with your TV more meaningfully.

4. Bixby on TV

Dynamic Crystal Color, See It Real
Immerse yourself in the picture with one billion shades of color. Dynamic Crystal Color delivers lifelike variations so you can see every subtlety.

Dynamic Crystal Color, see it real

Real 4K UHD Resolution
Enjoy sharp, crisp images with 4K UHD TV that has 4x more pixels than FHD TV. Now you can see even the small details in every scene.

Real 4K UHD Resolution

UHD Dimming
Enjoy color, sharpness, and contrast levels optimized for your viewing. Samsung UHD Dimming divides and processes the screen into small blocks so you see more precise details.

UHD Dimming

HDR, See More Details
High-Dynamic Range increases the TV’s range of light so you can enjoy an immense spectrum of colors and visual details, even in the darkest scenes.

HDR, see more details

See the Bigger Picture
You’ve never been closer than this. With the big screen tv, the more details that come alive. You’ll experience every moment of the game, feel every explosion, and be right in the middle of the action. Everything gets very real on a bigger screen.

See the bigger picture

Simply Sophisticatedand Stylish

Simply sophisticated and stylish

Slim is the New Sleek
The slim design adds a touch of confidence and class to your home interior. When the screen of UHD resolution comes alive, the frame slips quietly to the background as your eyes focus on the action.

Slim is the new sleek

Smart Hub & One Remote
Samsung UHD TV gets even smarter with Smart Hub and Samsung One Remote. They place all the content you want right at your fingertips, from your set-top box to your game console, apps, and live TV. All you need is one.

Smart Hub & One Remote

Your assistant has arrived. Say Hi Bixby
You can even talk to Samsung UHD TV. Bixby is the assistant to your needs that goes beyond controlling your TV. Just ask and get more.

Your assistant has arrived. Say hi Bixby

SmartThings for Your Smart Home
A truly intelligent home, tailored to your life. With Samsung SmartThings built right in, Samsung UHD TV can connect you with your IoT devices and sensors. You can turn on the lights, check what†s in the fridge, and even control the robot vacuum cleaner.

SmartThings for your smart home.


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