• Dustbin Capacity: 1.5L
  • Cycloneforce with Anti-Tangle Turbine
  • EZ Clean and Empty Dustbin
  • Compact & Lightweight Design
  • Pet Brush

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Easily Detachable

Step. 1
Simply pull the dustbin from the body.

Step. 2
Open the lid.

Step. 3
Tip the contents into the trash can and then effortlessly slide it back – all without having to touch the lid or put your hands inside.

Easy to Move and Use. Compact Design
A compact design helps you quickly clean throughoutthe house with less effort. The Samsung VC2100 is 22% more compact in size, so it’s easy to drag and move around your home.

Easy to Move and Use

Designed to clean homes with less tangled pet hair. Mini Pet Care Tool
Mini Pet Care Tool takes the hassle out of removing unwanted pet hair on sofas, beds, and mattresses. Rotating brush designed with rubber material considerably reduces the amount of pet hair tangled on the drum brush. In addition, its compact design is easy to maneuver and fits into smaller spaces.

Designed to clean homes with less tangled pet hair*

Designed to deep clean homes with pets. Pet Care Brush
The Pet Care Brush has a powerful turbine that rotates the drum brush, so it is much more effective at picking up pet hairs. It also drives the bristles deeper into the fabric of your carpet, removing trodden-in dirt and allergens. In addition, the detachable top cover makes it easy to maintain.

Designed to deep clean homes with pets

Designed for pet lovers. Pet Care Product Range to Suit Your Lifestyle
Recommended for all flooring types, the Samsung Pet Care Edition features seven models to suit your lifestyle – two bagged canisters and five bagless canisters. It also offers an air-driven Pet Care Brush or a Mini Pet Care Tool, as well as three standard cleaning accessories.

Designed for pet lovers

Hold it Comfortably. Easy Grip Handle
An ergonomic, non-slip Easy Grip Handle gives a firmer and more comfortable grip. You can easily control its movement without your hands becoming tired or dropping it. And it rotates, so the hose won’t get tangled.

Hold it Comfortably

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Dimensions21.5 × 25 × 112.3 cm


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