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  • 9.0 Cu.ft. J-Tech Inverter
  • No Frost Refrigerator
  • J-Tech Inverter Technology
  • Ag+CU Nano Deodorizer
  • LED Lighting
  • 2-Way Fresh Room
  • Twist Ice Maker
  • Tempered Glass Shelves
  • High Rotation Speed Compressor
  • Adjustable Freezer/Refrigerator Room Shelves
  • 7 Shields
  • Silent Operation (36 dB)
  • Extra Eco Function

If you’re looking to invest in your first inverter refrigerator, make the Sharp SJ-FTS09AVS 2DNF J-Tech Inverter 9 cu.ft. one of your top options. This model affords up to 9 cubic feet of storage space, and its use of inverter technology will allow you to save a lot on your next electric bill. Buy one today at a considerable discount here at Savers Appliances!



Many Filipino homeowners have considered saving up for refrigerators that rely on inverter technology. Though these refrigerator models are typically more expensive than ordinary fridges, they often make up for the cost in terms of performance and energy efficiency. An inverter refrigerator, which possesses its own speed compressor, can regulate the temperature inside its chambers. As a result, the refrigerator consumes only enough energy to keep it running and doesn’t waste additional power. That means that it can save up to 40% more energy than a regular refrigerator would. You will be able to see the difference once you receive your utility bills.

Though an inverter refrigerator like the 9-cubic-foot Sharp SJ-FTS09AVS 2DNF J-Tech Inverter will allow you to save energy, it doesn’t compromise on performance. This model’s J-Tech inverter and Ag+CU Nano Deodorizer are responsible for guarding your food and drinks from airborne bacteria, as well as foul odors. In terms of space, this model will allow you to be extra flexible with your items. It has a two-way fresh room as well as fully adjustable freezer and refrigerator shelves.

In addition, the Sharp SJ-FTS09AVS 2DNF Tech Inverter 9 cu.ft has a no-frost feature that cuts the need to do any manual defrosting. And last but definitely not least, it also sports a 7 Shields protective feature. This keeps your appliance extra resistant to common problems like electricity fluctuation, high temperature, stability problems, shock, vibration, lightning, and tilt.

You can find the Sharp SJ-FTS09AVS 2DNF J-Tech Inverter 9 cu.ft at a more affordable price here at Savers Appliances. We are one of the most trusted appliance retailers in the Philippines, known for our discounts as well as our customer service. Order your Sharp SJ-FTS09AVS 2DNF and enjoy shipping service straight to your doorstep, to any Philippine address. Come and shop now!

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