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  • 1366 x 768 Resolution
  • Open Baffle Speaker
  • Backlight Type: Direct LED
  • HDMI Input: 2
  • USB Port: 1


Are you looking for a durable HD-ready TV that doesn’t break the bank? You will have a solid option in the Sony KDL-32R307F HD Ready LED Television 32.″ With a display that highlights natural detail and a sound system driven by Sony’s ClearPhase technology, it will make an excellent starter flat screen TV. Purchase one at a discount here at Savers Appliances!

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Those who are in the market for their first flat screen TVs may be confused about the marketing terms used for them. For example, what distinguishes an HD-ready TV from a full HD TV? Will buying either of these result in the home entertainment experiences that you want for yourself? Or should you save up for a more expensive 4K TV?

Flat screen TVs are typically marketed according to their resolution, with the assumption that a higher resolution yields higher quality. That accounts for the high price tag on 4K TVs. But say you have a lean budget and will be happy with a straightforward viewing experience. If that’s the case, then an HD-ready LED TV with a 1,336 x 768 pixel resolution will do just fine. In a model like the Sony KDL-32R307F HD Ready LED Television 32″, you can enjoy a crisp display with some other sensible features. That makes the Sony KDL-32R307F a true bang for the buck.

Examples of the features that you can find on the Sony KDL-32R307F are its built-in resolution enhancer and its ClearPhase audio system. The resolution enhancer will reduce video noise and highlight the natural lines in your favorite video content. ClearPhase technology is responsible for fine-tuning the Sony KDL-32R307F’s TV speaker frequency and regulating the highs, mids, and lows in the audio. The result is a balanced sound that complements the pleasure of the viewing experience. In addition, users can plug their smartphones into the Sony KDL-32R307F’s USB drive to enjoy video, photo, or music content on the system. This TV is also built to withstand tough conditions, thanks to its X-Protection PRO feature. It will hold up against common problems like humidity, dust, and power fluctuations.

You can get your very own Sony KDL-32R307F HD Ready LED Television 32″ for a discounted price here at Savers Appliances. Shop now and enjoy our stress-free delivery service to any address in the Philippines!

Fine Textures, Exquisite Detail
See natural textures in the mountainside and sharper, more defined rock formations. Image noise is reduced and contrast improved for added depth, detail and realism.

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Clearer, More Natural Sound
Whether it’s a movie soundtrack or a music video, you’ll enjoy more balanced mids, highs and lows thanks to ClearPhase technology. It fine tunes your TV speakers’ frequency response to ensure precise yet natural sound.

Two people watching a music concert

A Smarter Way to Enjoy Your Smartphone
Take all the things you love on your smartphone or USB drive and enjoy them in beautiful detail on your large-screen TV. Smart Plug and Play lets you easily share videos, photos and music from multiple devices.

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Performs in the Toughest Conditions
Enjoy your entertainment, without any disruption. This TV with X-Protection PRO is extremely durable and protected from dust, humidity, power surges, and even lightning strikes.

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Weight4.4 kg
Dimensions73.5 × 16.8 × 46.1 cm
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