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  • USB1
  • Microphone Input 1 (Guitar available)
  • Dolby Digital
  • Speaker Light
  • Long-distance Bass Sound with JET BASS BOOSTER
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Fill Your Party with Sound
Bring festival sound to birthdays, special occasions, and spur-of-the-moment gatherings. Long-distance bass sound delivered by the JET BASS BOOSTER allows your partygoers to enjoy even more powerful music all around the venue.

Build Energy with Speaker Lighting
Pump up the atmosphere with club-like LED speaker illumination. The blue light pulses in patterns, synchronizing with the rhythm of the beat.

Tripod Compatible
Using a built-in mounting hole, the MHC-V02 can be set on a tripod speaker stand for an elevated position, so sound can be projected even more effectively to even more people — whether they’re sitting or standing.

Boost the Party with Extra Speakers
Enjoy more powerful sound by connecting multiple home audio systems via Bluetooth® connection. Connect up to 50 compatible home audio systems and synchronize the music and lighting.


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