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  • 1366×768 Resolution
  • 50W Power Consumption
  • Android TV
  • Google Assistant
  • HDR
  • Netflix
  • Youtube


Want more options for a budget-friendly, yet high-performing smart TV? Make sure that the TCL 32S6800 FHD AI Smart Television 32″ is on your list. This Android TV-compatible model will allow you to stream your favorite online digital content. It can also run AI technologies like Google Assistant. Upgrade your home entertainment setup today and purchase the TCL 32S6800 from Savers Appliances!

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If this is your first time shopping for a smart TV, you may have your mind set on well-known brands from Korea or Japan. But not to be left out is emerging Chinese brand TCL, which is growing increasingly popular for its high-performing, yet affordably priced flat screen TVs. In fact, the brand is currently the second largest TV manufacturer in the world in terms of sales volume. One of the models that highlights the possibilities of “The Creative Life” with TCL is the TCL 32S6800 smart TV.

The TCL 32S6800 FHD AI Smart Television 32″ boasts a sleek design and a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. It promises a viewing experience that’s up to two times clearer and more vivid than standard HD TVs. This model also comes with several picture enhancement features that will heighten your enjoyment of your favorite video content. For one, its MEMC technology uses TCL’s proprietary algorithm to reproduce action-driven multimedia content, like sports, in faithful detail. For another, the TCL 32S6800’s micro dimming and brightness enhancement features make video content crisp and clear, but also easy on human eyes. The TV is also built at a wide angle, which will prevent anyone from the farthest corners of the room from missing out.

In terms of smart features, the TCL 32S6800 allows use of TCL’s exclusive T-cast feature and compatibility with popular streaming platforms like Netflix. Thanks to T-cast, you can operate your TV with your smartphone—no additional remote necessary. You’ll also have full access to Google Play from your TV, and you can activate the AI feature of Google Assistant with your voice. For its range of smart features via the Android OS and its picture enhancement capabilities, the TCL 32S6800 will prove a solid choice for you.

Order the TCL 32S6800 FHD AI Smart Television 32″ online from Savers Appliances, the go-to appliance retailer for Filipinos. In addition to a significant discount on the market price, you can also enjoy our shipping service right to your address. Check out this smart TV today, and purchase it only through Savers Appliances!

Slim Design
Slim design combines function and fashion in a supreme show of elegance.

MEMC makes pictures smoother with both TV signal and multimedia signal.Enhanced with TCL’s proprietary software algorithm, you can experience every detail when viewing fast moving, action-packed content (example: Sports).

Micro Dimming
Micro Dimming analyses the TV content in hundreds of separate zones to adjust the brightness and darkness. The picture quality is simply improved and pampers your eyes. You will enjoy a fantastic viewing experience with great contrast especially in dark.

Enjoy a viewing experience that is 2X the clarity of standard HD TVs.

Wide Viewing Angle
Wide Viewing Angle Making everyone fit in the living room is difficult. With the innovative technique by TCL, the viewing angle of TCL TV will be extended and the brightness of TV will be enhanced, which means that you can also get the perfect detail even when you are sitting in the corner of the living room.

Brightness Enhancement
With brightness enhancing technology, the TCL TV can enhance the brightness so as to provide more natural picture and make sure that you can see clear images in the sunlight.

Sport Mode
The optimization of images and sound allows audiences to enjoy the immersive feeling of live action sports events.

Dolby Audio
Delivers immersive 5.1 surround sound with Dolby decoder which optimizes the TV’s sound quality.

T-cast is the integrated feature exclusive for TCL. It allows you to operate TV by using smartphone; Be able to
screenshot great moment of TV program and share on social media; Cast the latest movies and dramas to a bigger screen, and also capable to cast video and audio to mobile device, you can enjoy the non-stopped entertainment in every corner of your home.

Smart Volume
TCL TV’s Smart Volume feature automatically adjusts programming volume thus eliminating sudden sound fluctuations typically experienced when switching channels or when television commercials air.
TCL TV+ APP Store Latest version App Store provides you a comprehensive range of applications, over 300+ applications ranging from video-on-demand, social, gaming, music, and photo sharing that enables interaction between TV and mobile sets.
As one of the world’s leading internet television with a huge range of popular content, Netflix has something for everyone. You can watch TV shows recommended just for you, including award-winning Netflix original series, movies, and documentaries.
Enjoy your favorite on-demand content at a great lick through your existing network with built in Wi-Fi.

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