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  • Google Playstore
  • Youtube
  • Netflix
  • Resolution: 3840×2160
  • Power Consumption: 155W
  • Dimensions(WxHxD): 1229 x 776 x 277mm


In the market for the ultimate centerpiece to complete your home entertainment system? How about a 55-inch QLED model that’s packed with smart features? You won’t find a better deal than the TCL 55C716 QLED 4K Android TV 55”, which comes packed with all of the smart features you’d expect in a modern TV. Take your home viewing experience to the next level now—get yours only here at Savers Appliances.

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Online streaming services have become a popular alternative to traditional television programming these days, allowing people to watch their favorite films and television shows on demand instead of adhering to a schedule. However, while these services are able to provide video in 4K quality, the screens that most audiences are watching them on are unable to output that resolution. It can be a massive waste, especially since it can be expensive just to subscribe to these services. When you watch content on a small, inadequate screen, you simply aren’t getting what you’re paying for.

That’s where the TCL 55C716 QLED 4K Android TV 55” comes in. This flagship smart TV from the world-renowned Chinese brand is packed with features that make it truly deserving of the title, “TV of the future.” It offers all of the modern creature comforts consumers have come to expect in a smart TV at a price that’s simply hard to beat. Cutting-edge QLED technology delivers vibrant images and hyper-realistic color, while HDR10+ improves color saturation and crispier contrast for a viewing experience that’s second to none. Meanwhile, Dolby Atmos audio and DTS Smart Audio Processing delivers highly immersive audio, whether you’re listening to dialogue or jamming to your favorite tunes. This model is also equipped with TCL’s AI-IN platform, based on the latest Android TV OS from Google. This means that it comes with Google Assistant and is fully voice-activated, allowing you to control its functions without ever having to lift the remote. It can also answer questions, follow commands, and even take control of the other devices in your smart home.

Buy your brand-new TCL 55C716 QLED 4K Android TV 55” from Savers Appliances today and save more!

A Quantum Leap in Display
Welcome to TV of the future. LED has been revolutionized, with the addition of a billion of Quantum Dot nanocrystals. Your pure, ultra high definition TV is filtered through a layer of Quantum Dot, enhancing the vibrancy of images – for industry leading 93%+(DCI-P3) color gamut and brightness.

Dramatic Dolby Vision
Bring cinematic visuals home with Dolby Vision technology. Dolby Vision enhances the appearance of Dolby exclusive content, displaying a greater number of colors, increasing contrast, and boosting brightness levels.

TCL 4K QLED TV reproduce in stunning details all shades of light, natural colors for a truly immersive viewing experience via 3,840 x 2,160 pixels (4 x the number of pixels on Full HD TVs).


High Dynamic Range 10+
Enjoy TV that makes zero compromise. HDR10+ allows content providers to include full metadata– for TV and gaming processing just as creators intended. HDR 10+ processes and optimizes images frame by frame, boosting color saturation limits (4 times higher than HDR 10) and beefing up the contrast. Appreciate entertainment that’s richer, and more immersive than ever.

TCL tv High Dynamic Range 10+

IPQ Engine
With IPQ, Scene identification of HDR content is conducted through AI technology to dynamically improve the display effect. IPQ can improve HDR on low – light display, high – light overexposure and details enhancing, and make the picture more layered, content details more rich.

TCL tv IPQ Engine

As TCL’s all-in-one AI platform, TCL AI-IN offers you the simplest way to search for entertainment, get answers related to what you are watching, turn the TV on and off, connect with your smart home devices only by using your voice.


Hands-Free Voice Control
Say It, see It… with far-field voice control you can lose the remote forever. Google Assistant built-in means you can control TV, set reminders, and much, much more totally hands-free – just say ”Ok Google” to get started.

TCL tv Hands-Free Voice Control

Dolby Atmos Audio
Dolby exclusive content is enhanced with sound fired outside of traditional channel restrictions – for 3D audio that fills the room. Dolby Atmos ensures sound fit for your theatrical content – for amazing, immersive entertainment.

TCL tv Dolby Atmos Audio

DTS Smart Audio Processing
Adopting advanced post-processing technology, true zero-compressed audio decoding formats create a rich acoustic-field, replicating live experience. Your QLED produces sound quality for TV and Music that rivals your home stereos.

TCL tv DTS Smart Audio Processing

MagiConnect is the integrated feature exclusive for TCL. It allows you to operate TV by using smartphone; Be able to screenshot great moment of TV program and share on social media; Cast the latest movies and dramas to a bigger screen, and also capable to cast video and audio to mobile device, you can enjoy the non-stopped entertainment in every corner of your home.

The Latest Android OS
Your TCL QLED TVs come with the world’s most popular operating system pre-installed. Enjoy TV, music, movies, games, and more on-demand – entertainment essentials come pre-installed, plus download more via the Google Play Store. Further updates will be available as new firmware is released.

TCL tv The Latest Android OS

Minimalist Style , Delicate Design

TCL tv Minimalist Style , Delicate Design

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