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  • EER: 9.8
  • Cooling Capacity: 5,400 Kj/h
  • R410A
  • Fast Cooling
  • Auto Restart


With heat levels on the rise in the Philippines and steadily climbing, having a good air conditioner is now considered an absolute necessity in most homes. Budget-conscious consumers who want a balance between reasonable upfront costs and energy efficiency may want to take a look at the TCL TAC-06CWM/I/E/F Window Type Aircon 0.6HP. Purchase yours today and save more with help from Savers Appliances.

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Most people tend to consider their budget first when purchasing an air conditioner. Every unit is an investment, after all. In addition to the upfront cost, running an aircon will undoubtedly add to their monthly electric bill, which is why they also want one that is energy efficient. After that, lifestyle and preferences come into play; small households or someone who lives on their own probably won’t need one that’s too powerful. Finally, consumers will take location and installation into account. Prospective units will have to fit the space they have, and some homeowners may also want to be able to install the unit themselves as opposed to having a professional crew come in and do it for them.

Window-type air conditioners such as the TCL TAC-06CWM/I/E/F Window Type Aircon 0.6HP are the perfect choice for the cost-sensitive consumer. It’s reasonably priced, and with its energy efficiency rating (EER) of 9.8, it doesn’t compromise on energy efficiency. Equipped with a motor that is capable of operating at 0.6HP, it has a cooling capacity of 5,400 kJ per hour and should be enough to adequately cool any room sized between 6 to 11 square meters. Condominium dwellers should find this model easy to install, as most developers usually leave a bit of space on the wall where a window-type aircon should fit. Barring that, this unit is also compact enough that it shouldn’t be too difficult to install it on an actual window.

The best deals on the TCL TAC-06CWM/I/E/F Window Type Aircon 0.6HP as well as other household appliances can only be found here, at Savers Appliances. Buy yours today!

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