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  • 1100W
  • EER: 10.9
  • Single Hose Exhaust System
  • Fast Cooling
  • Direct Wash Filter

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The Philippines’ warm, tropical climate makes access to efficient home cooling a necessity rather than an optional luxury. However, installing central air conditioning systems may not be a practical answer for many, as these are often expensive and require extensive installation efforts. They may also not be feasible to install in rental properties or older homes. Fortunately, those seeking an alternative to centralized air conditioning are in good hands with the TCL TAC-12CPA Portable Aircon w/ Remote 1.5HP, a practical and affordable cooling solution that transcends these limitations with ease. This portable air conditioner, with its 1100W power and an EER of 10.9, offers fast and efficient cooling, perfect for the Philippine heat. The single hose exhaust system does away with complicated installation processes and allows you to simply enjoy cool air right out of the box. Its direct wash filter simplifies maintenance, while the compact design and remote control allow it to adapt flawlessly to any living space. Whether you’re in a high-rise apartment, a quaint bungalow, or a home office, the TCL TAC-12CPA Portable Aircon w/ Remote 1.5HP is flexible enough to cater to your unique needs. It’s particularly good for urban dwellers with limited space and those in older homes where traditional AC systems aren’t an option. The 1.5HP capacity cools your space quickly, so you can enjoy relief from the heat in mere minutes. Savers Appliances is here to help you embrace this innovative cooling solution. As a leading provider of home appliances in the Philippines, Savers Appliances offers an array of home and business appliances for sale to enhance your daily life. Our user-friendly online catalogue allows for easy browsing of top-quality products, including the TCL TAC-12CPA Portable Aircon w/ Remote 1.5HP. Choose from multiple payment methods like bank deposit, PayPal, and cash-on-delivery for your convenience, and enjoy the benefits of free delivery to Metro Manila and Pampanga. Turn to Savers Appliances for a seamless shopping experience and step into a cooler, more comfortable home today.

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