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  • Cooling Capacity: 9,300 Kj/h
  • Titan Gold (gold-plated fins)
  • Power Consumption: 950 W
  • EER: 9.8
  • R410a Refrigerant
  • Easy-to-clean Filter Mesh

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Window-type air conditioners continue to be popular among cost-conscious Filipinos who are looking for the perfect balance between effective cooling and ease of installation and maintenance. Now that modern aircons are also more power efficient, even a basic, non-inverter aircon shouldn’t become an additional financial burden, as long as it’s used responsibly.

The TCL TAC-09CWR/FWindow Type Aircon 1.0HP is an excellent choice for consumers on the hunt for a basic, no-nonsense air-conditioning unit that does everything it’s intended to. Backed by a powerful compressor that is able to output 1.0HP, it can cool rooms sized between 15 to 20 square meters within minutes, easily. Its compact form factor allows for easy installation without having to call in a crew of professionals to accomplish the task. TCL has also equipped this model with 5-in-1 health filters that are able to clean and sanitize the air you breathe by trapping dust and other impurities. Finally, you’re assured years of use with its Titan Gold gold-plated fins.

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Weight28 kg
Dimensions49 × 55 × 36 cm
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