Combining three powerful waves for thorough and thoughtful washing, the Great Waves Technology features Flush Wave, Cold Wash and Color Alive to ensure that each and every load of laundry yields greater savings and enhanced color protection for your favorite fabrics.

Experience smart self-cleaning solutions with the I-Clean function that reduces bacterial contamination through your washer’s automatic cleaning mode as it greatly contributes to the overall maintenance of your washer.

Easy Kit
With the Easy Kit, you would never have to worry about waiting for the last rinse before adding your preferred softener as it features dedicated detergent and softener compartments that are efficiently siphoned only as needed.

There’s nothing better than clean clothes that always look and feel great after every wash. The Toshiba Top Load Washing Machine 9KG AW-J1000F-PH gives your clothes a thorough rinse with its Great Waves™ technology, using three types of water pulse to keep the most sensitive fabrics in mint condition. With its Easy Kit feature, softener and detergent are automatically dispensed by your washer when needed. Give your laundry the care it deserves by buying one today at Savers Appliances Philippines.

Top loading washing machines are ergonomic and cost-effective appliances. With their convenient design, you don’t have to crouch uncomfortably while loading your clothes. Besides being durable, they’re also really easy to repair. Though some may argue that the rinsing motions of front load washers are more effective at removing stains, many modern day top loaders like the Toshiba Top Load Washing Machine 9KG AW-J1000F-PH have proven that they can definitely keep up.

Its pulsator uses Great Waves™ technology, creating three types of waves to clean all kinds of fabrics, even those that need more gentle care. With its Flush Wave, Cold Wash, and Color Alive water pulses, stubborn stains and dirt don’t stand a chance, while colored clothes remain vibrant after every wash. With its I-Clean function, the Toshiba Top Load Washing Machine AW-J1000F-PH sports an automatic cleaning mode that removes all kinds of bacteria. Thanks to its Easy Kit system, the washer always dispenses the correct amount of detergent and fabric softener. Simply pour your laundry liquids into their dedicated compartments and let the washer do the work.

For an efficient and convenient washing experience, consider adding the Toshiba Top Load Washing Machine AW-J1000F-PH to your home. Purchase yours now from Savers Appliances today. We also have a variety of appliances for sale from the best local and international manufacturers with nationwide shipping. Order now through our online store!


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Weight44 kg
Dimensions63 × 63.5 × 106.5 cm
Washer Capacity

Other Technology


No Warranty Extension, LEX Extended Warranty – 12 Months, LEX Extended Warranty – 24 Months


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