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Combining three powerful waves for thorough and thoughtful washing, the Great Waves Technology features Flush Wave, Cold Wash and Color Alive to ensure that each and every load of laundry yields greater savings and enhanced color protection for your favorite fabrics.

Experience smart self-cleaning solutions with the I-Clean function that reduces bacterial contamination through your washer’s automatic cleaning mode as it greatly contributes to the overall maintenance of your washer.

Easy Kit
With the Easy Kit, you would never have to worry about waiting for the last rinse before adding your preferred softener as it features dedicated detergent and softener compartments that are efficiently siphoned only as needed.

Do you want a more efficient way to do your laundry? If so, we recommend the Toshiba Top Load Washing Machine 7KG AW-J800A-PH. It allows you to take care of small and full loads in no time thanks to the machine’s powerful Great Waves technology, which features different wash cycles to clean and protect clothes of every fabric. Get the Toshiba washing machine here at Savers Appliances Philippines.

Many Filipinos consider handwashing clothes as an effective way to do laundry and remove tough stains from clothing. However, it can be time-consuming when you are handling a load for four people. Fortunately, the Toshiba Top Load Washing Machine 7KG AW-J800A-PH can help you take on any laundry load.

This Toshiba washing machine has a seven-kilo capacity, which is an ideal size for a family of four. It is also equipped with Great Waves technology that features Flush Wave, Cold Wash, and Color Alive. These wash modes ensure your get efficient wash as well as provide color protection for various fabrics. And if you need to complete a small load, you can do so in just 15 minutes with this powerful washing machine. Additionally, you don’t need to wait for the last rinse so you can add a fabric softener. The machine has an Easy Kit where you can put the softener and it will automatically release it during the rinse cycle.

If you need a durable washing machine for your growing family, this one from Toshiba is a good option. You can easily get it here at Savers Appliances. We have a wide range of appliances for sale from your trusted local and international brands. We also offer cash-on-delivery and nationwide delivery for your shopping convenience. Order your home appliances today!

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