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  • Vegetable Room for Freshness
  • Ag+ Bio Deodorizer
  • Storage Tray Cooling
  • Adjustable Door Pocket
  • Convenient 12 Liter Capacity to Keep Food’s Freshness

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Inverter Compressor
Smart use of energy is always at the core of every Toshiba home solution. The Inverter Technology delivers the highest accuracy in temperature, taking into consideration factors such as usage patterns and loaded capacity to ultimately maximize energy efficiency while minimizing wastage of stored food items.

Ag+ Bio Deodorizer
Maintain the true flavors of food while ensuring long-lasting freshness with the AG+ Bio Deodorizer System. It features Biocatalysts that filter our odor and bacteria to keep your food items as appetizing as ever.

12L Crisper Box
You will always have more than enough space for your favorite produce with the spacious 12L Crisper Box that regulates optimal humidity for longer lasting freshness and natural flavors with every bite.

Do you want to switch to a more energy-efficient refrigerator? Then, you need to consider getting the Toshiba 2Door No frost Refrigerator Inverter TMF 7Cu ft. GR-A25PS (DS). It is equipped with the latest inverter technology to ensure it provides accurate temperature while consuming the least amount of energy. But it today, here at Savers Appliances Philippines.

Every home needs an efficient refrigerator to keep food fresh longer. And for many Filipinos, an appliance’s energy consumption is one of the top considerations before any purchase. Fortunately, brands like Toshiba always put smart use of energy at the core of all their home appliances—which can be seen in the Toshiba 2Door No frost Refrigerator Inverter TMF 7Cu ft. GR-A25PS (DS).

With the help of inverter technology, the appliance delivers accurate temperatures as well as uses factors like usage patterns and loaded capacity to maximize energy efficiency. This makes sure all stored food items remain fresh, reducing potential wastage. In addition, the Toshiba refrigerator has an AG+ Bio Deodorizer System that maintains your foods’ true taste. Its Biocatalysts filers odor-causing bacteria, keeping foods inside the refrigerator appetizing. When it comes to storage, the 7-cubic-feet refrigerator has ample space for all your family’s needs. It even has a 12-liter Crisper Box that regulates optimal humidity so your produce retains its freshness and natural flavors.

Having an energy-efficient refrigerator like this one from Toshiba is a great addition to any home. Buy one today here at Savers Appliances. Aside from kitchen appliances, we also have other home appliances for sale like washing machines and smart TVs. Place your order today and enjoy nationwide delivery.

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Weight40 kg
Dimensions58 × 66.6 × 140.5 cm
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