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  • Child Safety Lock
  • Bottle Neck Bumper
  • LED Indicator: Heating | Cooling
  • Independetn Hot/Cold Switch
  • Energy Efficient Top Loading Water Dispenser with Extra Storage

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This Toshiba Top Loading Water Dispenser uses a Powerful Heating Technology to deliver hot water with temperature ranging from 85 to 90°C within 10 minutes. And ICE Cold Technology Powerful compressor delivers extra cold water with temperature ranging from 3 to 8°C within 1 hour. It also has a High Mobility Design Side panel is designed with a handle for an easy and convenient grip during transfers. With this model, it is also included the Extra storage or the bottom compartment is designed with 20 liters of utility storage that can be used for storing coffee cups and plastic spoons which is more hygienic due to the sealed compartment design.

Hot water faucet is designed with child safety lock feature to prevent unintentional dispense of hot water from the faucet. Plus no worries of unintentional electrocution from poor insulation and absence of ground wire, the whole body of water dispenser is made of insulated material. And built with high-quality ground wire.

LED Indicator

Heating Cooling Bottle Empty


Child-lock safety, 2 thermostats, anti-electric shock, hot water caution label.


Instant and hassle-free availability.

Excellent Performance

Fast heating (85-90°C in 10 minutes) extra cold water (3-8°C within 1 hour)

Stay hydrated with a fresh supply of water in your desired temperature, right at your fingertips. The Toshiba Top Loading Water Dispenser RWF-W1664TF(K) can give you steaming hot or ice-cold water in just a few minutes with its Fast Heating and Cooling feature. Don’t worry about going back to the kitchen for a glass: it also sports a 20L bottom compartment to store all your cups or utensils for easier access.

Many Filipinos know how refreshing a cup of cold water can be in tropical weather. Hot water is also a necessary part of daily life, as it’s often used to make warm beverages and food, such as coffee or instant ramen. Thanks to the Toshiba Top Loading Water Dispenser RWF-W1664TF(K), you’ll always have a constant supply of hot or cold water with the push of a button.

Its Fast Heating and Cooling feature heats water at 85 to 90°C and cools it at 3-8°C, so you can get boiling water in just ten minutes and ice-cold water within an hour. With a reliable LED indicator, you’ll always know when your water is hot or cold. It also features a Child Safety Lock, which regulates the flow of hot water from the tap, so even the little ones can safely enjoy a hot drink. The Toshiba Water Dispenser RWF-W1664TF(K) prioritizes convenience, which is why it provides you with a 20L storage space for things like cups and utensils. This way, you always have access to your drinkware whenever you need some water.

If you’re looking for a safe and convenient water dispenser, then the Toshiba Water Dispenser RWF-W1664TF(K) is sure to fulfill all your needs. You can purchase one for your home here at Savers Appliances. We have a wide range of quality appliances for sale, like air conditioners and washing machines, with nationwide shipping for your convenience. Order through our online store today!

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