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  • Child Safety Lock
  • Bottom Load
  • LED Indicator: Heating | Cooling | Low Empty Bottle
  • Independetn Hot/Cold Switch
  • Convenient Bottom Loading Water Dispenser with Low Water Indicator
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This Toshiba Top Loading Water Dispenser is more convenient because it has built-in pump that lifts water from the gallon to the inner tank. Eliminates the need to lift a heavy water gallon which sometimes causes spills and back pains. It uses a Powerful Heating Technology to deliver hot water with temperature ranging from 85 to 90°C within 10 minutes. And ICE Cold Technology Powerful compressor delivers extra cold water with temperature ranging from 3 to 8°C within 1 hour. It is designed with LED Display Pilot lamps indicate water-heating and cooling operations. This is easier to notice if hot and cold waters are ready for dispensing. And also shows low water level warning and automatically cuts-off the heating element and the compressor when the water tank is empty. The Hot water faucet is designed with child safety lock feature to prevent unintentional dispense of hot water from the faucet.


LED Indicator

Heating Cooling Bottle Empty



Child-lock safety, 2 thermostats, anti-electric shock, hot water caution label.



Instant and hasslefree availability. Bottom-loading

Excellent Performance

fast heating (85-90°C in 10 minutes) extra cold water (3-8°C within 1 hour)

Tired of lifting heavy water jugs to refill your top-loading water dispenser? The Toshiba Bottom Loading Water Dispenser RWF-W1669BF(K) is here to help ease your load. With its bottom loading feature, you can refill its water supply without breaking a sweat. It also possesses a temperature limiter that prevents overheating, keeping your dispenser in mint condition for a longer period of time. Order yours today at Savers Appliances Philippines.

Top loading water dispensers carry their own set of benefits, but refilling their water supply can be a chore. Their top loading system often requires you to lift a large jug of water, which may strain your back and lead to water spillage. Thankfully, you can say goodbye to all of that with the convenience provided by the Toshiba Bottom Loading Water Dispenser RWF-W1669BF(K). Its bottom loading system saves you plenty of time and energy with a built-in pump that easily transfers water into its reservoir.

It also features powerful heating and cooling technology that quickly provides you with boiling or ice cold water. Boil water in 10 minutes with a temperature of 85-90°C, and enjoy refreshingly cold water within an hour with a temperature of 3-8°C. Heat as much water as you want without worrying about the water tank overheating. The Toshiba Water Dispenser RWF-W1669BF(K) contains internal thermostat sensors that regulate temperature, preventing it from acquiring heat-related damage over time. With its durability, you can relish long-lasting convenience whenever you need a glass of water.

Enjoy an easier lifestyle with this water dispenser from Toshiba. Consider purchasing one for your home, and find it among an assortment of great appliances for sale here at Savers Appliances. Order yours through our online store today.

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