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Magic Filter
Collects lint, Keeping it away from clothes. Washable & Reusable.

Ultra Spin
Improves spinning efficiency with Air-dry feature.

Water Inlet Selection
Using the inlet for supplying water into the spin tub, the shower rinse is easy to activate, to save water.

Easy Kit
still worried about where to put coins left in the pocket? Now we have the Easy Kit where you can put coins, keys, cellphones, soap, detergent powder, etc.

If you are tired of the tedious process of handwashing clothes for you and your family, it’s time to consider getting a reliable washing machine. For a small family of four, the Toshiba Twin Tub Washing Machine 7kg VH-H80WPH is a great choice. It is powerful enough to handle your weekly laundry load and durable to last for a long time. Buy one today here at Savers Appliances Philippines.

A lot of individuals enjoy the thorough cleaning of handwashing, but don’t have the time to do the time-consuming chore. In such a case, the next best thing to do is invest in a high-performing washing machine. Fortunately, the Toshiba Twin Tub Washing Machine 7kg VH-H80WPH can help you.

This Toshiba washing machine comes with a Multi Spoke Pulsator that can effectively wash your clothes without damaging them. It imitates the gentle motions of handwashing so the fabric stays in top condition for a long time. In terms of durability, the washing machine will last long due to its Double Wall ABS Plastic. It is a high-grade plastic material that protects the interior parts from impact and other damaging elements like rust and corrosion. This ensures you enjoy the service of the washing machine longer.

When it’s time to upgrade your weekly laundry game, make sure to check out this Toshiba washing machine. It has a powerful wash feature that can efficiently clean and preserve your clothes. Purchase it here at Savers Appliances. You can also view the other appliances for sale in our online store. Place your order today and get your appliances delivered right to your doorstep with our nationwide delivery service.

Additional information

Weight99.25 kg
Dimensions77.8 × 47.5 × 94 cm
Washer Capacity

Other Technology


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