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  • Electrostatic Filter
  • Removable Purifying Parts
  • One Button Start-up
  • 99% of Sterling Rate
  • High Efficiency Formaldehyde Removal
  • Air Quality Light Display
  • Power Off Protection when Disassemble

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Technical Specification

Power Adapter:Rated input 90-270 V~ 50/60 Hz 0.5A, Output 12 V — 1.5 A
Rated Voltage:220~240 V
Rated Frequency:60 Hz
Rated Power Input:8W
Net Weight:3.36kg
Gross Weight:3.5kg
Package Size:501x176x290 (mm)
Area:4.5 – 7 sqm

Protect your family from air pollution and allergens with the Tosot Air Purifier 4.5-7sqm. (Small) TAT-0301 ensuring the cleanliness of the air you breathe. At the heart of this air purifier is its electrostatic filter that removes harmful particulates in the air, including dust, pollen, and pet dander, as well as germs and viruses. All these substances can cause irritation and allergic reactions in both kids and adults. But, with this Tosot air purifier, you can be sure that your home environment is as clean as can be.

This Tosot Air Purifier is to cover anywhere from 4.5 to 7 square meters of space, making it ideal for bedrooms and small living areas. Its electrostatic filter is powerful enough to trap not just fine particles, but also harmful germs. This helps keep your family safe and in good health.

To further guard against disease-causing bacteria and viruses, this Tosot purifier has removable parts to make regular maintenance faster and easier. After cleaning, simply reassemble the parts and press the button to start purifying the air again. With a clean air purifier, you can count on it to be more efficient and effective in doing its job. This Tosot air purifier also has an air quality light indicator, which lets you know exactly how clean the air you’re breathing.

Another incredible benefit of this air purifier is that it can also remove formaldehyde from the air. In the Philippines, formaldehyde is a common air pollutant that usually coming from the exhaust of engines. This harmful chemical is also produced when additives in cigarettes get burned along with tobacco. If someone in your household smokes, air purifiers can serve as shields to minimize the inhalation of secondhand smoke.

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Additional information

Weight7.31 kg
Dimensions50.1 × 17.6 × 29 cm


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