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  • 3 Burner
  • Tempered Glass Lid
  • Anti-Tilt Device

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If you’re thinking of replacing your old gas stove, consider purchasing the White Westinghouse WCG530S 50CM Standing Cooker. Its tempered glass lid, compact size, and shiny silver finish make it a stylish addition to any kitchen. It also features 3 burners and a 47 litre oven that’s the perfect size for all the cooking needs of a smaller household. Buy yours today at Savers Appliances Philippines.

If you live in a smaller household or are on a budget, purchasing a big stove for your kitchen might be intimidating. Fortunately, the White Westinghouse WCG530S 50CM Standing Cooker may be the perfect option for you. It’s small enough to fit in less spacious kitchens, but still looks modern and stylish thanks to its simple design. It also sports 3 burners, which is more than enough if you live in a single or two-person household. Its 47 litre oven is the optimal size for a smaller family, as it can accommodate just the right amount of food for them, be it barbeque or baked goods.

The White Westinghouse WCG530S boasts a sturdy and low-maintenance build, so you get to enjoy its great features for longer. It has an anti-tilt device that helps it stay balanced all throughout your cooking. This way, you can fry, grill, steam, boil, and bake without worrying about spillage. Additionally, cleaning up messes has never been easier thanks to this stove’s black enamel cooktop surface.

If you want a streamlined and convenient cooking experience, then the White Westinghouse WCG530S is sure to be a great asset to your kitchen. Consider purchasing one today, and find it among a wide range of amazing appliances here at Savers Appliances. We also accept payments made through Paypal, cash on delivery, and bank deposit to help you shop with ease. Order yours today!

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Weight38.4 kg
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