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Thanks to a brand like Tecnogas, Filipinos can have a taste of Italian kitchen excellence from their very own homes. Check out the Tecnogas brand and upgrade your own home kitchen with an oven, vortex stove, or gas range of dependable quality. Buy one today at a great discount only here at Savers Appliances!

Tecnogas was conceived by the Contini brothers in 1952, in Italy’s famous gastronomy and winemaking hub of Emilia-Romagna. The brand’s products are specially designed to honor the culinary culture of Emilia-Romagna, as well as provide home cooks with modern and forward-thinking technologies.

The best example lies in Tecnogas’s popular gas range, an appliance that serves as an all-in-one stovetop and oven. A Tecnogas gas range guarantees economy of space, precise temperature control, and fast heat whether one is using the oven or cooktops. With a Tecnogas gas range, you can choose to cook your food using gas or electricity as your fuel. Either way, you’ll have an easy and pleasant time.

Other products that showcase Tecnogas’s proud Italian workmanship are their built-in hobs, standalone ovens, range hoods, and vortex stoves. Whether you’re cooking your favorite Filipino dishes or an international dish, you’ll be working with cooking appliances that adhere to global standards.

Shop for Tecnogas products only here at Savers Appliances, the Philippines’ most trusted dealer of products from international appliance brands. Buy a Tecnogas gas range, oven, vortex stove, or other item at an awesome discount from our online catalog. We’ll also take care of the shipping to any Philippine address. Trust Savers Appliances with your new purchases from Tecnogas!

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