White Westinghouse

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American home appliance brand White Westinghouse is known for its innovative refrigerators, air conditioners, gas ranges, and washing machines. Practical construction and long-lasting service life on its appliances have made White Westinghouse a popular brand among Filipinos. You can buy a White Westinghouse product for your own household, at a great discount, only here at Savers Appliances!

White Westinghouse was born when the conglomerate White Manufacturing Company acquired Westinghouse Electric Corporation in 1975. Westinghouse’s tradition of producing innovative home appliances—like dishwashers, home air conditioners, and auto-defrost refrigerators—continued in the newly established White Westinghouse brand. By the mid-1990s, White Westinghouse products had also become a staple in the stores of American retail giant Kmart. Today, White Westinghouse operates as a subsidiary of Swedish company Electrolux, itself a prominent global manufacturer of home appliances.

Since its introduction in the Philippine market, White Westinghouse has earned a reputation for its well-designed and durable appliances. Foremost among these are its refrigerators, standing cookers, refrigerators, freezers, ceiling fans, and washing machines. The affordable price range on White Westinghouse products also affords Filipino consumers a lot of bang for their buck. Indeed, when it comes to appliance brands, White Westinghouse is a good name to choose.

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