6cu ft. - 8.9cu ft.

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Searching for a relatively small refrigerator or chest-type freezer you can use at home or in a commercial space? Look no further, you can find units measuring between 6 cubic feet and 8.9 cubic feet here at Savers Appliances Philippines. We have refrigeration units that can cater to your personal needs or your entire household as well as for your business. Shop one today!

When getting a refrigeration unit, you want to make sure it has ample storage space for your family’s needs. Typically, a unit measuring about 6cu ft. to 8.9cu ft. can handle the weekly grocery of a family with up to four members. The size can also easily fit most kitchens. If you are a landlord or manage vacation rentals, adding a refrigerator of this size in your units can make your guests feel more at home.

In case you are an avid cook and require additional freezer space, consider chest-type freezers measuring 6cu ft. to 8.9cu ft. It is the perfect size to keep meat, fish, and other perishable items fresh longer. Also, if you are running a food service business, these freezers are exactly what your need to preserve different types of food.

Here at Savers Appliances, you can find a wide range of refrigerators and freezers that measure between 6 cubic feet and 8.9 cubic feet. Whether you want a one-door, two-door, inverter, or non-inverter unit, we have it available. We also carry trusted brands including Whirlpool, Eurotek, Sharp, Condura, Panasonic, LG, and more. Select from our online catalog and find affordable appliances for sale in this category. Order today and enjoy nationwide delivery!