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Samsung’s 55inch The Frame TV QA55LS03AAGXXP: Rediscovering the “Art” of TV Entertainment

Top global TV manufacturer Samsung is known for putting innovative new spins on familiar home appliances, as well as leveraging state-of-the-art technologies to challenge consumers’ views of what can and can’t be done. One line of products that demonstrates that ethos perfectly is Samsung’s The Frame TV series, the indoor companion to the brand’s The Terrace outdoor series of TVs.

The gorgeous 55-inch variant, QA55LS03AAGXXP, can function like a TV when it’s on and like an artwork when it’s off. As such, it will be the perfect set piece for your living room’s entertainment system.

What special features does the Samsung 55inch The Frame TV QA55LS03AAGXXP come with, and what functionalities can you and your family enjoy on it? Here’s a quick guide to one of the most elegant Samsung TV products that you can find on the Savers Appliances online store.

Features and Specifications: A Closer Look at the Samsung 55inch The Frame TV QA55LS03AAGXXP

Mounting and Construction

One of the distinguishing features on the Samsung 55inch The Frame TV QA55LS03AAGXXP is its classy slim frame design, which also comes with interchangeable bezels. You have the option to buy customizable bezels separately and to choose between tasteful wood-colored or metallic bezel finishes, reminiscent of the striking frames that you’d see on the works in an art gallery.

Despite the TV’s uniquely slender construction, you won’t need to worry about a mounting experience that’s troublesome or out of the ordinary. Bulky and obtrusive wiring systems won’t be a problem either. The Samsung 55inch The Frame TV QA55LS03AAGXXP comes with a One Invisible Connection cable, a translucent all-in-one connection wire, and a One Connect Box that you can use for all the media you’ll display on the TV.

Together, these two components will allow you to mount the TV to your wall in a way that effortlessly blends in with the rest of your home decor. You can adjust the angle as you like with the TV’s swivel bracket or, alternatively, use its height-adjustable stand to mount it to a TV rack.

Audio and Video Technologies

The Samsung 55inch The Frame TV QA55LS03AAGXXP achieves its sumptuous 4K resolution via Samsung’s use of proprietary Quantum Processor technology. The processor’s AI upscaling feature can analyze your favorite video content scene by scene and detail by detail, and then sharpen text and object edges or filter out unwanted image noise. The result allows you to enjoy your content in enhanced 4K picture quality.

This TV also sports a number of advanced color and lighting technologies, like QLED lighting and 100% color volume. Its quantum dot filters unlock a larger spectrum of colors on the screen, and its intelligent color mapping and three-dimensional color control enable more accurate and realistic color expression. This makes each viewing experience with the Samsung 55inch The Frame TV QA55LS03AAGXXP—whether active or static—a more vivid and more immersive one.

It may not initially appear as such due to its slim design, but the Samsung QA55LS03AAGXXP is also a powerful unit in terms of sound. Samsung’s Quantum Processor also uses AI technology to implement adaptive sound, which can optimize elements like dialogue, music, action, and sport on a piece of video content. Moreover, the TV’s built-in mic can generate data about the room’s acoustics to configure the best audio settings for your space.

Smart, Innovative, and Energy-Saving Features

On top of being able to watch cable TV with it, you can seamlessly connect your Samsung 55inch The Frame TV QA55LS03AAGXXP with your mobile phone or tablet through Wi-Fi. Use Android’s SmartThings or Apple’s AirPlay functionalities to mirror video content or even video calls on your TV screen. With the TV’s Multi-View functionality, it’s possible to watch two screens at the same time, like if you want to watch yourself following a dance sequence from your favorite idol group.

When you’re done watching TV, you can switch the Samsung QA55LS03AAGXXP to Art Mode, which will allow it to display your favorite artwork or high-resolution photo. Visit Samsung’s Art Store for stunning imagery that you can use for your TV’s static display, ranging from well-loved and well-known paintings to modern art pieces you may not yet have discovered. The TV can store more than a thousand high-resolution artworks and images through its built-in memory.

Not to be left out are the Samsung 55inch The Frame TV QA55LS03AAGXXP’s intelligent and energy-saving technologies. Each unit comes with a Solar Cell solar-powered remote control that you can use for both your TV and other external devices. The TV’s motion sensor can automatically turn on when you enter your room and off when you exit, while its brightness sensor can adjust the brightness of the TV’s display depending on your lighting conditions. That ultimately saves you power and ensures that you can adjust your viewing experience to your liking, all without you needing to exert extra effort.

Buy the Samsung 55inch The Frame TV QA55LS03AAGXXP from Savers Appliances Today

Mount the Samsung QA55LS03AAGXXP on your living room wall and make it the centerpiece to your home entertainment system, or even use it as a computer monitor for an upgraded work-from-home experience. The choice of how to use this handsome new TV is yours, but for sure, it will help you rediscover the artfulness in your everyday home viewing experiences.

You’ll be able to buy the Samsung 55inch The Frame TV QA55LS03AAGXXP at an excellent price at Savers Appliances. Order online and enjoy the convenience of Savers Appliances’ nationwide delivery service.

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