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Should You Buy a Single or Double Door Fridge for your Kitchen?

Kitchen appliances are among the most important and most frequently used electronics you’ll find in a home, and the refrigerator is no exception. A functional, adequately sized fridge is essential for storing fresh food and also helps make daily meal preparation easier. However, choosing the right kind of refrigerator for your home can be overwhelming given the number of different styles, price points, and features available on the market today.

Generally, the choice between refrigerator types comes down to the single door refrigerator and the double door refrigerator. This feature will take an in-depth look at both single and double door refrigerators to help you determine which type is ultimately the better fit for your home.

Single Door Refrigerators

As the oldest and most widely sold variety of refrigerator, single door fridges are probably what many people imagine when they’re asked to imagine a fridge on the spot. The most common type of single door refrigerator is the top-mount refrigerator, which places a smaller freezer compartment on top of the main refrigeration compartment. However, bottom-mount refrigerators are also available for homeowners who prefer to have easier access to fresh items.

Familiar, reliable, and widely available, single door refrigerators offer a lot of advantages to homeowners. Some of the most notable benefits to consider are as follows:

  • Space-efficient – If you have a small household or limited kitchen space, single-door fridges are the way to go. They’re available in capacities ranging from around 50 liters to around 250 liters. You shouldn’t have a difficult time working a single door fridge into your kitchen setup, as even one on the larger side should be able to fit into a relatively narrow space.
  • Inexpensive – Single door fridges are generally very affordable, making them an ideal choice for homeowners who are looking primarily for no-nonsense refrigeration without any extra frills. If cost is a major concern for you, rest assured that you’ll find many entry-level fridges somewhere in the PHP 20,000 range.
  • Energy-saving – Single-door refrigerators use about 30-40% less energy than double-door refrigerators and are generally the most energy-efficient fridge models across the board. These significant energy savings are important to consider if you want to reduce your household’s environmental footprint. What’s more, you’ll probably be able to shave a decent amount off your electricity bill with a single door fridge while you’re at it.

Of course, single door fridges aren’t for everyone, and they do have some drawbacks as a tradeoff for their advantages. Some of the most notable of these are the following:

  • Smaller capacity – A single door refrigerator’s compact size naturally means its storage capacity will be limited. As a result, it may be unsuitable for large households with more than four people.
  • Few to no added features – To keep prices low, single door refrigerators are usually only made with basic refrigeration capabilities and don’t come with extra features like water and ice dispensers. If you need these additional conveniences or simply think they’d be nice to have, you’re better off looking at more advanced fridge models.

Double Door Refrigerators

In contrast to single door refrigerators, double door refrigerators typically have freezer compartments that are closer in size to the main refrigeration compartment. Side-by-side models feature two doors that open from the middle and two vertical compartments within. French door refrigerators, meanwhile, have a more modern pantry-style layout with two doors opening into a large main compartment and a freezer drawer below.

Double door refrigerators are good for large households and for individuals looking for premium appliances, as they offer the following advantages:

  • Larger storage capacity – Double door fridges are large enough to serve the needs of big households with 5 people or more. They’re also likely to contain larger shelves and drawers to help make food storage more efficient and organized.
  • More freezer space – Freezer compartments are larger for double door fridges, which gives you more space to store frozen ingredients long-term. This additional storage capacity is especially handy if you like to minimize your grocery trips by buying items in bulk.
  • Additional features available – Double door refrigerators are often made with many more advanced features than traditional single door models. These might include adjustable bins and shelves, built-in ice machines, and water dispensers.

If you’re considering a double door fridge, however, you’ll also want to keep these possible drawbacks in mind:

  • More costly – Given its larger size and capacity, a double door fridge will always go for more than its single door counterpart. French door fridges, especially, can be quite expensive and are often considered luxury appliances.
  • Requires more kitchen space – Buying a bigger fridge means that accommodating it in your kitchen will take a little more effort. If you know you need a large fridge, it’s best to plan the rest of your kitchen layout around that and other large appliances.
  • Higher power consumption – Double door fridges are highly energy-intensive machines. If you choose to invest in one, anticipate that you’ll be paying quite a bit more for electricity each month.

In the end, you’ll have to consider factors like the size of your family, the amount of kitchen space you have available, and your budget to determine the right kind of refrigerator for you. Bear these in mind as you research available models, and you’ll surely find the perfect fridge for your household in no time.

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