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No Filipino kitchen is complete without a trusty electric kettle to provide all your hot water needs. Whether you’re preparing instant ramen noodles, instant coffee, or a warm relaxing bath, a reliable electric kettle can heat up water quickly and efficiently.

In choosing your next electric kettle, check the boiling speed, capacity, materials, and safety features. Fortunately, here at Saver’s Appliances, we only sell electric kettles from trusted brands such as American Home, Tecnogas, and Asahi. All these electric kettle models tick the boxes for performance, quality, and safety. As such, you won’t have to worry about these kettles malfunctioning when you need them the most.

In terms of aesthetics, the Asahi Electric Kettle is hard to beat. Its sleek glass jar and stainless-steel heater plate and body will fit right into any kitchen countertop. With the addition of an indicator light ring inside the jar, boiling water has never been this aesthetically pleasing. Beyond its aesthetics, the kettle features powerful wattage and Strix thermal control for fast boiling and safe temperature management.

Meanwhile, Tecnogas Technik features a double-walled body and a more streamlined design. It comes with every function that needs to be on a high-quality electric kettle. As for American Home electric kettles, you can count on the Strix thermal control for safer boiling. American Home electric kettles also come with electroplated handles to prevent corrosion and a removable spout filter in case you need it. Finally, all the electric kettles in the Savers Appliances catalog are easy to clean and come with their appropriate warranty for parts and repair.

Are you ready to make your decision? Buy your electric kettle only here at Saver’s Appliances. We’ll give you the best prices and deals on these models. If you need more information about each electric kettle model, please check out their product pages.

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