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One of the simplest and most reliable air conditioning solutions out there is the standard window type air conditioner. Find one to keep your home cool and comfortable only at Savers Appliances, a trusted home appliances store in the Philippines. In our Home Appliance – Aircon Window Type category, you’ll find units from top local and global brands like LG, Haier, Carrier, Condura, Fujidenzo, Midea, Sharp, and TCL.

Even on a budget, you can stave off hot temperatures in your home with your own window-type air conditioner. Find one now at Savers Appliances!

Window-type air conditioners are among the most commonly used cooling solutions, especially for homes. A window-type air conditioner comprises a single unit that’s mounted either on a window or a wall. It sports two fans inside: one to blow air over an evaporator, and one to blow outside air over a condenser. Each unit is bought as is, with all the components already assembled inside the casing. Compared to other types of air conditioning systems, window-type air conditioners are typically the most affordably priced. And unlike split-type or centralized air conditioning systems, they don’t need extensive professional assistance for installation.

To buy a simple, yet powerful window-type air conditioner that you can depend on, browse the Home Appliance – Aircon Window Type section at Savers Appliances. We guarantee you an authentic and affordably priced unit that you can immediately start using in your home. Go nowhere else but Savers Appliances to buy the best-priced home electronics, including window-type air conditioners!

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