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Purchase a portable aircon or air cooler for your home or office in the Philippines, and ensure that you have a comfortable space to live and work in no matter the season. Look for a new air conditioner or cooler here on Savers Appliances and choose from an array of efficient models from reputable brands like Carrier, Fujidenzo, Tosot, and TCL. Shop for the cooling units that best suit your needs!

Portable air conditioners and air coolers work in fundamentally different ways, but they share the same goal of creating a cooler, more comfortable space for you to enjoy. Portable aircons offer many of the same benefits as traditional air conditioners do, as these cooling units can bring down a room’s temperature and keep humidity at a comfortable level. However, portable aircons do not require special installation instructions, and they can be moved from one room to another with ease. This means that you can use your portable air conditioner no matter where you are in your home. Also, portable aircons typically cost less compared to their fixed counterparts.

Air coolers, on the other hand, work by blowing air through a water-soaked pad, offering relief when the weather feels hot and dry. Air coolers are a practical choice if you want a cooling unit at a cost-effective price. They also consume less energy than traditional air conditioners, so they’re inexpensive to use and maintain. If you’re aiming to cool down a room and keep it comfortably humid at the same time, then an air cooler will serve you well. Just like portable air conditioners, air coolers are designed so that they can be easily moved from one place to another. You won’t have a hard time cooling the rooms in your home with such a device.

Savers Appliances offers a wide range of portable air conditioners and air coolers from trusted local and international brands. You can shop our online appliances store and rest assured that you’ll get authentic products that will last you years. We offer pick-up and delivery services, and accept a wide variety of payment options. Shop at Savers Appliances today and enjoy quality units at great prices.

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