• 3 Sides Cooling Pad System and Dust Filter
  • 3 Adjustable Settings
  • Ultra-Quiet Design
  • Lockable Heavy Duty Wheels
  • Water Capacity – 35 Liters

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The Philippines is a tropical country, which is why our summer months tend to be unforgiving. Indeed, nothing is worse than feeling yourself drenched in sweat during summer days even when you’re already indoors. However, you don’t have to worry about dealing with intensely hot weather. You can still keep your home cool and comfortable with the help of this Markes Air Cooler 35L MAC-35BA (Beige), available here at Savers Appliances.

This Markes air cooler is an energy-efficient way to bring down the temperature in any part of your home or office, despite the heat outside. With its three sides cooling pad system and three adjustable settings, you can easily fine-tune what level of cooling you need, which can help you save up on energy costs. It also has an ultra-quiet design, so it won’t be a bother while you’re watching the television, spending quality time with your family, or trying to focus on your work. Moreover, the air cooler has its own dust filter to ensure dust and other debris won’t be circulated through its system.

You can also count on this Markes Air Cooler for longer cooling time. The unit has a water capacity of 35 liters, perfect for consecutive days wherein the heat won’t let up. This simple feature ultimately boosts convenience, because you don’t have to constantly refill the unit with water. Another feature is its lockable heavy-duty wheels so you can move it around your home with ease. This added mobility offers both convenience and an easy storage solution, as you can just roll it to a corner in your room when not in use.

If you’re looking for an appliances store that can offer you a wide selection of items at affordable prices, look no further than Savers Appliance. With our quick customer service and delivery options to anywhere in the Philippines, you can get your very own Markes Air Cooler 35L MAC-35BA (Beige) to keep you and your family feeling refreshed despite the summer heat. We also have a wide range of other home and office appliances for sale. Order today and we’ll deliver to you anywhere in the Philippines.

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